ZHC And Bella Poarch Build A B*tch Behind The Scenes

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this was fun hehe
ZHC And Bella Poarch Build A B*tch Behind The Scenes @Bella Poarch #Shorts


Baozhen Yang says:

Zhc are you Bella poach😭😲😨😱😭😭

MrDeadRoblox says:

i said stopppppppppppppppp

Jacob Alberca says:

Good job hitting 1 million subscribers

Tripti art and craft says:

Bella Porch ,🥰😍🤩❤️💞

Phumzile Khumalo says:

Like your cut g

Power Puff Girl's says:

Omg it was you no way I didn't understand you cool

Sunarti Sunarti says:

Bitch* yes???? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

ZION's TV says:

I found a song but i saw you

Christian Ephrem says:

ZHC: Mother Dearest, can we acquire the delicacy that is McDonalds.
Mom: Do you possess McDonald’s currency .
ZHC: Indeed Mother, I am Prosperous enough to have such high value income!
Mom: Ok let us carry on
ZHC: Very Delightful !!

iron heart says:

Can you come to my school in my state to customize my school if you live there in St Louis Missouri because I live there


ZHC BE LIKE oh ye I'm gonna get 1 girl friend 😂

xxlxvelyIzzyxx says:

Why didn’t Michelle come out of the machine?

yucare animations says:

Looks like gaara in Boruto 😭

Froggie0s Frogs says:

I knew he look familiar

卜诗澐Amely Pok says:

Bella is so pretty

Alex Ross says:

Dis soOoOo weird because why ur hair is straight? I never see ur hair like that :3

Lois Kennedy says:

I saw the video

Sam Smith says:


Tia Raj says:


cherry says:

bla bla bla

Xian jethro S. maraño says:

my favorite artis zha and bella paorch

Kokomi says:

when I saw you in it I’m like WHAT OMG I DIDNT THINK HE COULD BE COOL ENOUGH :00 (jk love your vids <33)

Francisco Juarez says:

You look better without jell

Axle Concepcion says:

ZHC can never stop smiling

SCASH says:

Im sorry ZHC but your hear is ugly to my

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