Yungeen Ace Reacts To Foolio "When I See You" Remix

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Yungeen Ace Reacts To Foolio “When I See You” Remix
So, julio foolio when i see you, went viral after his song foolio why would you play with me. Many people are wondering about yungeen ace dead brother and yungeen ace shooting, btw both are from jacksonville. This is kinda like foolio when i see you reaction. Some people write foolio when i see u. Yungeen Ace going up cause of yungeen ace who i smoke, so this is kinda like a yungeen ace who i smoke reaction, aka yungeen ace reaction. So this is youngeen ace response to julio foolio. Not Foolio responds to yungeen ace who i smoke.

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123chicken wings says:

It's weird seeing black people loving black people who kill only black people.

Voncier Harrington says:

all his brothers got shot tho😭😭😭😭😭

Jean moliere Cimé says:

Lol awa wii

Zakee Jones says:

say the names right im cryin😂😂😂🤣🤣

Torris Davison says:

You better start getting these names right or ain’t nobody gonna want to watch your content 😑

Ilyass Lek says:

shit like this end with one of them dead jusst like von ☺

Philip G says:

He tryna say yungen ace with that Kodak accent YUNGEEEEEEN ace


Folio going to kill yungenn for sure watch that boy 👌🏾🖖🏾🤟🏾👆🏾👇🏾💯/💯💥🏴‍☠️

BlueModz says:

Dude got sideshow Bob hair.

Arena says:

you pull my views then a channel with 40m subs

Chief Meowmeow says:

Dudes teeth be numbing lol

flashout_cj says:

Whoever did it need a cookie

D.J. King of the Roblox Hood says:

RIP 23 🙁 😭😭😢

Gala Snipez says:

Yugeen songs name should be my bros got smoked

Vikkor Heel says:

Lyrical swords is always acceptable…wish they could be cool and just keep it at that but too much happened.

kingdomdom22 says:

youngan ace is hard

Im Wachos says:

“Yun-gean ace”😭😂

Tanner says:

Don't like or sub before watching lol his voice isn't it


Dont even know how to say his name 🤣

Caught On 4k says:

Yungian Ace

Redneck Mexican says:

He didn’t butcher their names he samurai sliced that shit

TPG JITT says:

Lil none😂

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