YNW Melly "Murder On My Mind" Performed w/ an Electric Guitar | Fine Tuned

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Welcome to Fine Tuned with Audiomack, the video series where we get your favorite artist and hook them up with a guitarist, and watch sparks fly as they perform creative renditions of their hits. This time, we’ve got young rising star YNW Melly performing his breakout hit “Murder On My Mind,” backed by the electric guitar stylings of Soleil Laurent.

Guitarist – Soleil Laurent https://www.instagram.com/thisis.sol/

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audiomack says:

Who else would you want to see star in an episode of Fine Tuned?

Shane Smith says:

Kirko bangz – drank in my cup.

jpentertainment says:

The way he smile at the death part

Charlie Walhof says:

learn how to play the song on guitar before you play it

yeet teey says:

Melly needs to go Melvin on that guitar player

Josh U says:

@2:03. First and only time he looked at the camera and smiled?🤔 Bruh always snitching on himself

Khizerhayat Cetiiz says:

Melly nice voice

Dubs says:

Idk about the guitar it’s kinda weird

Cypher X says:

Melly had to stop real quick and look after he said he was a murderer

Khizerhayat Cetiiz says:

When I listen your songs I cry a lot my fan ynw melly

Khizerhayat Cetiiz says:

Ynw melly your death penalty is going on and your going to die your not going to survive until December when yiu get released as that what your cousin told me

SpLaShGoD23 says:

Dat nigga evil

Youth Visionary says:

This was trash I wish they did it with a piano or violin not some shitty guitarist who can’t even play it in the right keys

arthur cutler says:

Better sound

MoneyHarkins says:

Cool 😎😎😋😋

Evilyn Barroso says:


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