What Nobody Told You About Pop Smoke

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The rap world was devastated by the untimely passing of Pop Smoke, who was gunned down in a home invasion and robbery in February 2020. The up-and-coming artist had only just begun his career, topping the charts with a pioneering sound before his life was cut short.

According to TMZ, the incident that took Pop Smoke’s life occurred following a house party in the Hollywood Hills. At around 4:30 a.m., at least four masked men reportedly broke in, fired multiple shots, and fatally injured the rapper.

The attack may have come about thanks to information on social media. According to TMZ, the 20-year-old was possibly renting a house – the same house that was invaded – from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Teddi Mellencamp, the daughter of John Mellencamp.

Prior to his death, Pop Smoke posted a location-tagged Instagram Story. He also posted several photos where he flexed his Louis Vuitton luggage while his friend Mike Dee held wads of cash. TMZ reported that the posts may have accidentally revealed the address of the property, making him a target for attack.

Watch the video to see What Nobody Told You About Pop Smoke.

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A targeted attack? | 0:16
From Brooklyn to Philly | 1:04
Teenage street life | 2:02
Picking up the mic | 2:57
Throwing the party together | 3:50
Banned in NYC | 4:07
Grand Theft oh no | 4:52
The endgame | 5:51


Nicki Swift says:

RIP Pop Smoke, another great talent lost far too soon – just as he was getting started.

TheFamous NoBoDy says:

Man when I first heard his song MPR part 3, meet the woo, flexin and all of these, being a new Yorker myself I loved sheff g, sleepy hallow, and pop smoke and when he started blowin up as a low-key Brooklyn rapper, shit was crazy. And now I can't get no more party music from my guy

z Toronto says:

It cheeses me that they killed this man smh

Jhay Chylla says:

Rap ain't what it used to be; so glad I'm not a fan of this stuff. In spite of that, I offer my condolences ro his fam.

Ruurd B says:

Probably the us government tbh rip pop

RoChelby Starks says:

Family of the Wooo. 🙌

John Vinniteri says:

God dam this guy is making music to support shitty human beings , dead and better world

you're boi Chronicdonut28 Delpesche says:


Joes Dave says:

It wasn't a robbery smh

datone G says:

Who heard the remix or saw it with nicki?? Lol I didn’t I neva kneww

Dz. says:

I think he wanted to get shot. He knew he cant put a location tag in but he did

Cierra Branch says:


Whosteeny says:

this shit wanna make me cry

Ray Hewitt says:

Rip pop smoke

Domogotjuice says:

this nikka funny ash

Dood Dood says:

that lady sounds like the lady from Siri


Brooklyn’s finest forever POP SMOKE 🕊💫

Dywan Davis says:

It jus me thinkin he n 50 kinfolk

Zay Rocciano says:

So we came to listen to you demonizim Crazy

Rxyl says:

I feel like he was killed because one time he tried to steal someones Rolls-Royce

Ruth Frank says:

When you make millions from 30 minutes work gotta give him his props🙌🏽🔥

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