What is the logic of the mask 😷

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What is the logic of the mask 😷


Paul Fisher says:

as you know chris its all about control and by people wearing the masks they can see how many still watch mainstream media and comply its genius

Dan Hudson says:

A mask makes PERFECT sense over a short period of time. IF enough money is spent on getting a seriously good mask along with other crucial measures. However if their looked on as a way of boarder control..then it's a joke and going to lead to long term illness from FAR more than covid.

Brian Harris says:

Nice to know you commenting covidiots think you know more than scientists- grow up

Gerald Frankel says:


Booboo J says:

I was quite surprised to see quite a few people in my local town NOT wearing masks today πŸ‘ on 'Mandatory Mask Day πŸ™„' But what was more noticeable was how quiet the shops were when usually at that time they are busy……I won't comply to the face nappie but God it's hard trying to keep positive with the sh*t show going on and constant fear thrown at us now on a daily basis it seems. When will it all end? Its soul destroying πŸ˜”

Beaky Plinder says:

Mark Morrison has re-released his song return of the Mack. Renamed…
(Return of the mask)

Radier The Conqueror says:

lack of common sense

Koi One says:

Just another way to keep there foot on our throats

Melle Brown says:

There is no logic or scientific evidence they work besides the holes in most masks are bigger than the virus. They say if you can smell a fart or perfume while wearing one they are useless. Beside read the label on the packing it says NOT TO BE USED FOR VIRAL PROTECTION OR PPE IN VIRAL ENVIRONMENTS

Jammy Gitt says:

Every doctor and nurse will say the mask does ZERO/ ZIP/ ZILCH. But it is a great device to remind slaves they have no voice and no freedom of human expression.

Benny Hill says:

HaHa Tyrant, David Tyrantborough ( Voice) … " this new Species" it's bloody true lad , would love to see some more videos like this over the coming days…Lady at 0:31 Thank you <3

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