Vocal Coach Reacts to Save Your Tears (Live)

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Vocal coach Tristan Paredes reacts to Ariana Grande and The Weeknd singing Save Your Tears LIVE at the iheart radio awards 2021

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tristan_paredes/
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@tristanparedes
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/tristan_paredes

Editor: https://www.marissaannpatterson.com

0:00 Intro
0:42 Reaction
3:50 Analysis

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Bianca WW says:

Can we get a F in the chat for Tristan and his chance😔✊🏽

Josue Ramírez says:

Desagradable, simplemente.

Ariana edit says:

She has a voice powerfoul

dani que says:

I feel like Tristan didn’t appreciate the BEAUTIFUL whistle Ari did enough🥺

Human Bean says:

1:38 I don't know why I took a screenshot of it haha

tanmoy aj says:

If u think this is better than original then u gotta have issue my man! This is amazing but that's something else.. Cant be Compared

Keyon Rawls says:

Yes I wanted her to stay single but I’m happy she’s happy

Sereta Fager says:

Lol the part where Abel just laughs because Ari is so good😂

Tristan says:


Carmen Ramirez says:

I don't think this performance is live… Hahahaha

ULAHH TV says:

Really made it her own WOW!!!

tavoart says:

The wknd: A-
Tristan: ok lets talk for the next hour

Hero says:

the hair baby….

Душан Матић says:

Ariana's singing from the dangerous woman of the album and from the song save your tears cannot be compared, considering that the songs from the album dangerous woman are very demanding for the voice, while saving your tears is not too demanding at all.

Dino God says:

Thanks for the video

Andrew_Does_Hair says:

She needs to keep this deeper tone for the next album cycle.

[Visibly Unphased] says:

I was waiting for this in my recommended, I wonder why I didn’t get this recommended sooner

America Martinez says:

This mix was WAYYYY better than Blinding Lights with La Rosalía lmao

✰quaxntxrll✰ says:

You know tristan is excited when he only makes the intro 42 seconds XD

Ansoneats Food says:


AFchris77 says:

It almost sounds like she’s now using the darker sound or same tone/note that she does for her adlibs but for these runs instead.

Kamila Segovia says:

u look exactly like ray toro from my chemical romance brooo

tessa cuvillier says:

I really love Ariana Grande's dark and full voice like in Stuck with You or Save Your Tears

Chaitra Prabhu says:

Fun fact I can sing all her notes (except the whistle note) but I don't have any luck I guess I tried tiktok IG and YouTube too ☹️
I'm planing on buying a guitar and do YouTube again hope it atleast work now 🙏😑

Rachel Charms says:

Change to mixed voice to falsetto um i cant sing that part

Kay Connelly says:

Ryt ok u, u had a chance 🥶

Versatile Wolf says:

Damnnn Ariana 😩

Rishabh Tomar says:

yes i am mad too that she is married.

Leah Nibert says:

They sound so good together ❤❤

Adriana Kim says:

I was shocked to know she is married!

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