Us Singing "Picture" Kid Rock + Sheryl Crowe

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Hey there. We are the Devlysh Duo. Alyssa and I are 22 year old musicians living in Santa Barbara, CA. This is our first attempt at a cover of the song “Picture”, written by Kid Rock and featuring Sheryl Crow.

I played all the instruments, and my girlfriend sang the female part 🙂

I hope you like our cover.

Please check out our new and improved version.

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crystal0087 says:

Oh shit. We're u guys seriously trying to make your own video? Awkward.

crystal0087 says:

Haha hilarious. Thanks for making me laugh 😀

Tony P says:

haha im u really need to take this off the internet. for your sake

john alverez says:

Haha sorry bro but u have a falsetto coice haha
Like its not even funny, well it is but other than that good instrument playing 😀

Brandy Grimes says:

600,000 views…must have been good to some.

Brandy Grimes says:

To all those who say how bad they suck….i would really like to hear..No, I would PAY to hear you take a stab at this song and get over 5 views for it!

88fourLIFE says:

Doubt it pippin.

PippinPotter11 says:

awww… I thought you two were pretty good and damned cute too! What I truly wonder is… Are you/they still together? It's now March.24th 2012 and this was from August 2008…hmmm….

Arcandian says:

I like everything just you to can't sing not to be rude I mean maybe friends should sing while you play in all respect but I love the music just not the vocals

Beau M says:

hahahahhahahaha! ewwwww!

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