Twenty One Pilots – Scaled And Icy | Album Review

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My review of the eagerly awaited sixth album “Scaled And Icy” (an anagram for CLANCY IS DEAD) by the popular alternative duo Twenty One Pilots. As bandmates Tyler Joseph & Josh Dun retreated to their homes after making a magnum opus “Trench”, the sessions turned out much brighter than what we’ve seen in most eras of the band. For better or for worse? Yeah, we’re gonna need to talk about that one…


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“Scaled And Icy”
Fueled By Ramen
Release: 5/21/21
Rating: 2.5/5

►Favorite tracks: Never Take It, Shy Away, Good Day, Redecorate

►Least faves: Saturday, Bounce Man, The Outside, Choker, Mulberry Street

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►Opening riff “Swimming Pools” covered by Rob Scallon:

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Twenty One Pilots – Scaled And Icy – Album Tracklist

1. Good Day
2. Choker
3. Shy Away
4. The Outside
5. Saturday
6. Never Take It
7. Mulberry Street
8. Formidable
9. Bounce Man
10. No Chances
11. Redecorate

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ARTV says:


#1 Since there seems to be a lot of confusion on this (somehow still) I just wanted to point out that I was granted access to an advance stream of the album on Wednesday, and uploaded my review around midnight Friday. There's obviously no way I would've just heard it once and spat out a fully edited review, listened 5 times front back over 2 days then reviewed. Boom, that simple.

#2 Many of you seem to think that because the livestream concert they did was amazing (which it was, holy shit!) that I should suddenly regret/change my review. That's not how it works…? Live performances can be great, lore can matter to some, but it does NOT change the music I hear on the recorded version of this album. I stand by my review/rating, and if they're being "controlled by DEMA", welp it doesn't have an impact on the music we got here. Still sounds like an excuse for subpar material/writing to me 🤷‍♂️

Trevor Keith says:

Having time with it now… it hasnt grown much. I can bop to some of the simple songs but it only went so far before it felt really soulless. Saturday is my least favorite and i like No Chances the most (mostly cause it sounds like Trench on the album).

Ethan Harvest says:

Assuming that you're not a little boy and you still listens to punk music and still thinks that it's the "bees knees" in 2021… I hope your redo this review… like an adult, after listening to it for a few months. I hope you didn't just put it away like a little boy.
if that OS THE CASE….I don't feel like I can look at your reviews, seriously anymore…
This is one of the best albums come out in a really long time…
It's diverse , it just shows how unbelievably eclectic this band is.
so you got to wake up sweetheart or, you just Gotta stop doing reviews.
Why? because I don't take reviews from a little boys….
are you a little boy? a little toy-both-boy? Did you not get your favorite toy before you did his review? I hope that's not the case

fortonrogers says:

This album sucks. It's sad that I say this as a TØP fan because I expected a lot more 😪

ECELextra says:

Redecorate’s production and structuring is immaculate. It’s like a song off of Stephen’s Akrasia but made for a more widespread audience.

Tony says:

Yo this was straight up garbage music

Johnathan Chaplin says:

Can you please review some of cleopatrick's work please??

Dirttownogy says:

🎫 Selling a GA ticket for the 21OnePilots show in Moscow on 10.7.2022 for $91/RUB6600 🎫

Zepher says:

josh & tyler is 21 Pilots ||-//

DeadEndStreet says:

gahhh formidable was the only song I TRULY liked 🥲 a couple others are alrighttt

a car, a car, a CAR says:

tyler wanted to write propaganda so he wrote it

mom says:

Even tho i kinda hated the new album ill just let it cuz people need positivity rught now

Kaeridan says:

I didn't hate Scaled and Icy but I also didn't care as much for it. Twenty One Pilots is by far and wide one of my favourite bands of all time at this point, but this album was… not it. There are some cool songs, I like the concepts, but most of the songs themselves I don't care for terribly much. After the past three albums being complete bangers from start to finish in every respect – especially so with Trench which just feels like a masterpiece of a cohesive album and even Level of Concern which is a pop banger – Scaled and Icy just feels underwhelming at best. I still listen to some of the songs, and I even gave little hearts on Apple Music to a couple of them like The Outside and No Chance, but it doesn't hold itself up to Vessel, Trench, or Blurryface and even the songs I elected as my favourites from the album are not even close to some of my not-favourites of the other three albums.

Kartik Sharma says:

As a person whose first twenty One Pilots' album is this, I will say I am not impressed

D n says:

I respect your views but I strongly disagree with your review. The lore is not a “cop out” to make a “bad album”. In fact – I believe you cannot fully review an album without accounting for the story and art behind the music. It all goes together – live stream, lore, art and more..that’s how I view music at least: as a full experience. And TOP achieve this. Plus – this is way better than anything on Blurryface. Blurryface is their worst album. And Ive been a a day one fan. Stressed Out and Ride are awful. If Saturday offends fans and those two tracks don’t – ya might have bad tasteZ

Luis McElaney says:

hard disagree , love this album

seraphim says:

Personally I really enjoyed SAI, but it felt more like creative experimentation with TØP’s DEMA lore than their usual songs with complete, deep and interesting messages regarding mental health and the real world.

I think Redecorate has a very strong message and Good Day does too if you can be bothered reading the genius lyrics to understand it, but so many of their other songs on this album fall flat lyrically because they’re so vague.

I still don’t understand what escaping DEMA is meant to represent here and the metaphors in tracks like Mulberry Street are so unclear even dedicated fans are struggling to interpret them. Honestly, if your deep songs require actual RESEARCH not to seem shallow, then the lyrics are not doing a good enough job at conveying your message.

Still, I love to see TØP trying out new ideas and taking their music in new directions, and I really enjoy listening to most of the songs on this album. The only ones I really disliked were Formidable and Shy Away.

TLDR; I think exploring propaganda and capitalism through the metaphor of DEMA was a really strong premise, but the execution on SAI fell so flat most listeners just find it shallow. Still, it was a fun, enjoyable album with an interesting sense of story if you’re following the lore. Not all projects can work out perfectly, but this was a cool piece of art to experience anyway. 6.5/10.

Jakob Flores says:

It grew on me really enjoyed it

Dynamo says:

album is pretty dissapointing,their debut & vessel are a lot more enjoyable albums but this has to be their worst album to date

Intelligence Cycle says:

What's up Jon you've totally read my mind on TOP on their career as well as this album they're music especially blurry face & trench we're so heavy darkened tone and homegrown side of band is a Stapleton of how their on heavy rotation. This absolute mess of a record feel like there attempting to go for a lighter poppy art house sound plus the cover art explains itself. Tyler himself had said in the record he's been going through a burden of struggle personally & backstabbing. Appreciate them going in a new direction just didn't enjoy it comparison to the rest.

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