Trippie Redd's FULL ALBUM "Pegasus" LEAKS – This Poses A Great DANGER To Him…

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After various leaks in the past weeks and months, Trippie Redd’s album “Pegasus” has LEAKED (yes, the FULL ALBUM has LEAKED). If Trippie Redd and his label don’t play their cards right, this could end up costing them MILLIONS of dollars. Trippie Redd is one of many rappers who has constantly been plagued by leaks, but Trippie Redd has been put in an uncomfortable position when his entire album “Pegasus” leaked when he is nearing the official release date for the album, and the album roll out has already began. Trippie Redd has three options on what he can do, and if he doesn’t play his cards right he will have a disaster on his hands.

Trippie Redd Pegasus Tracklist (from the leaked version)-
1. Let It Out (ft. Myiah Lynnae)
2. Moonlight
3.Love Scars 4
4. The Nether
5. So Stressed (ft. Yung LB)
6. Excitement (feat. PARTYNEXTDOOR)
7. Mood (ft. Chris Brown)
8. Pegasus
9. eeeeeee
10. Personal Favorite (ft. Rich The Kid)
11. V-12
12. Spaceship (ft. Young Thug)
13. Never Change (ft. Future)
14. Good Morning
15. No Honorable Mention (ft. Quavo)
16. I Got You (ft. Busta Rhymes)
17. Too Fly
18. Red Beam (ft. Sean Kingston)
19. Oomps Revenge, Pt. 2
20. Take One
21. Sleepy Hallow
22. Kidd That Did (ft. Future + Doe)
23. Don
24. Hell Rain (ft. Lil Wayne + Hood)
25- TR666 (ft. Swae Lee)
26. Sun God (ft. Myiah Lynnae)


Oh Yeah Yeah says:

No honorable mention also has lil mosey in it, it’s fire

Galactima Gaming says:

How bout dedicated fans who patiently wait, knowing his album leaked but you just take control over the urge to listen? My fiancee and I refuse to listen to anything until the official. Support the artists man, even if you hear leaks, take a claim of it….purchase history bros

j p13 says:

ober rated ass album

ImOpal says:

youre hitting my reccomended a lot, happy to see youtube promoting a smaller creator like you, subbed

Upso Hai says:

Sucks that it leaked. But the album is so fire. Been on repeat

Jalen Berry says:

It’s ass all slow songs that sound the same v12 is the only one I like

slow lvmbo says:

I purposely only listened to let it out off the leak cuz y not and I now can’t stop being in my feels

Woody Brennan says:

I try to stay away from leaks because I enjoy the excitement and build up before the album drops.

goat boi says:

his albums fire i like sleepy hollow and weeeee

Ysn Carri says:

I have the album 😂


I bought a shirt with the digital album so it will come out in like a month because they can’t just say that and it won’t come out

Sayori Doki says:

I have the audio for love scars 4

Skrrt Projects says:

Lol guys it's not leaked bcz it's already distributed and not Published yet

kiara v. says:

I already have his album 🙂

Tragic Claps says:

I just want the album to drop 😪

SolaR Elite says:

He’s gonna panic drop it the same thing happened to Cartis album die lit and it was still successful

Your Edits says:

Where can I listen too it

Xavier Owens says:

I can’t believe this leaked

Julian Leon says:

Matt hardy with juice ain’t here😞

Henry Martin says:

Busta Ryhmes is prominent also lmao

Diego330 says:

I knew I should’ve screen recorded it

RookieCookie says:


Henry Glasscock says:

There’s no way this was the album wee was edited horribly like it sounded cut and honoble mentions sounded like someone farted in the beginning and the sound quality is asss

Sterling Parson says:

The junt w Wayne old

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