Trippie Redd Ft. Lil Uzi Vert – Holy Smokes REACTION/REVIEW

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Intro: Check out the homies for all the dope game samples
Raisi K-​

Felt more like a Uzi track featuring Trippie but a cool little track nonetheless. I’m indifferent towards as I felt it was just a simple fun track for the summer but i did enjoy the DBZ visuals throughout the video. If you want the full version with no cuts then it’s on Patreon. Enjoy!

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Head HunchooMusic says:

React 👀 to Head Hunchoo “Hectic” [Official Music Video] | Shot by MilkyMadeIt Its Trending 🚦🚦🚦

Nick Hightower says:

Trippie ruined it

O4Oreo says:

react to project x

Christian Vasquez says:

How do you hang your vinyls on the wall I’m tryna do the same!

skidoodles Left overs says:

u should react to kashdami

Skinnie says:

Trippie got a song on trip at knight fully about DBZ all DBZ bars it’s called supercell

Dewey Harris Jr. says:

2:10 I’m 20, I love Uzi, but listen to what you want homie

Rhy7hM says:

personally I think willows album was the better rock album of the year. All hits, no misses

Pandoxity says:

I replayed the video like 3 times cix he was talking bout uzis part but its not there

Zen says:

react to ssgkobe mia

YaboiFitz says:

You’d be suprised he finished this song and was a popular snippet and Uzi hopped on it

Poppa Jay says:

oh u gon LOVEE this song on his album called “super cell” a shit ton of anime references 🙂

BionicallyAComputer says:


Aimal Benawa says:

Trippie has a song called supercell that should come out on his new album and he references the Cell arc in DBZ.

UpsideDown says:

Dev I'm ngl you gotta listen to landon cube. Try "risk" "last cigarette" "makeup" and "19"

nick potter says:

if u paid for this mans patreon to watch a reaction video yall db

Lou says:

On Spotify if you press “show credits” it will show who produced the track.

Aymen 2k says:

fevyo foreign XD

Moe The Butcher says:

Need that KSI reaction bro

SmokeMyDopeBeats says:

It could’ve been uzi song but uzi don’t have a Catchy hook. Trippies hook is so most catchy and if uzi did do a hook i bet he wouldn’t switch the flow like trippie did.

Alejo 1400 says:


Jose Cruz says:

you should react to MIA by ssgkobe

Lesaldo Torres says:

REACT TO SSGKOBE MIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ItzSundae says:

Yo dev. You gotta react to 2rare. He next up frr. He from Philly and he been my fav for a while. If you do that shit on stream it would be fyee fosho. Either way you getting my prime sub every month so it don’t really matter.

Massa15 says:

Dev seeing uzi shoulder rolling and reacts doing the shoulder roll himself you love to see it

Miles Williams says:

Thank you the Frieza line was a bar

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