Tory Lanez – She Make It Clap FREESTYLE

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jimryl says:

the toes bar funny asf

Filipe Rodrigues Serafim says:

Passando pra dizer que vc vai ser ocaraaaaa

Juan Hernández says:


Team Dynamic says:

0:30 🔥🔥🔥

Sefo Hazem says:

Before 1M 🐸🔥💃

Slaypuh24 says:

This needs dropped 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Nick Wilson says:

He sound way better this the original 🤣🤣🤣

ChoppaFN says:

The best freestyle on adins stream

AnthonyPlank says:

Correct Lyrics for you white people who don't know slang: (keep in mind the pronunciation with these words )

Smokin on* packs, preferably black, lepre-chaun,
all of these hoes they on my arms*,
all of these bitches they know ima don*
stuntin on bitches come back to the sixers*
I spit threes like im playin with the sixers*
bad bitch like she playin with the mixes,
bad bitch like she playin with my jigsta* bad bitch wanna get on my insta,
told the bitch keep chillen keep quite*
I got bad bitches tryna get by it*
Don't chill for a nigga get violent
I got bad bitches and they come wildin
ay i see a motha fucka smiling
20 thousand damn bitches on a island
20 thousand damn bitches going private
mmm She make it clap*
i got the strap
21 gats
feel like im savage
21 bitches and non of them average
im gonna fuck me tonight me a bad bitch
i dont give a fuck about niggas
i dont give a fuck about hoes
i dont give a fuck about your bros
i dont give a fuck about your toes your hoes youre manicure or pedicure toes
im comin on block with the rocks*
20 inch glocks in ma socks
niggas keep goin that crazy ass shit*
if ima go to jail ima keep a lock in the sock
i got the from ken*
all of my hoes they spendin, on me*
all at the mall im bendin benzens
20 inch rims on enzes*
bitches is comin to the mall and they goin in frenzies*
lookin at tory look at my story
all of these bitches they look at me growin up fast like a nigga was 40
i dont even know what im sayin but tonight ima bout to take yall bitches and have me a orgy

Berk Çorbacı says:


Iam Lukas says:

Let's show love to adin for making this happen..the guy keeps getting negativity from fans but he still doing good stuff for us

Nicholas Woods says:

Tory top 3 rapper out right now real shit

Gaming Channel says:

but still worse flow than my raged father

NiksonaCS says:

She Make It Clap Bad Bitch

Ramiro Palenque says:

ain't stop this mennnn

Gmar says:


Miloš Rakin says:

dude spit this while rolling a blunt lol

Digão Mc says:

Krlho, ouço isso todo dia, flow e vibe foda💥

DarKota says:

Soy el comentario en español que buscabas, y si, tremendo flow

Redlihs_YT says:

this shit better than whole 6ix9ine career

Ben Youngblood says:

Hmm… Yall think this sh*t slaps? Lmao

David Lundon says:

For every one saying this better then the original one ur blind this is the original just cut out adins singing

Akram Sfaqssi says:

I can already See Adins Face

Vtrzinxxx says:

BR Aki💥🤬

Ramon Bautista says:

Bro got this
from adin 🤣🤣

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