Tom MacDonald – "Clown World"{{REACTION}}

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Bodies2Magenta says:

With Biden🇨🇳 – as a supposed legitimate leader (LOL) – this Commander in Thief is irrefutably leaving "inndoctrinated mentally ill" people of all ages for our "country". You see, thanks to reversing common sense policies implemented by the previously legal, and duly elected Presidential Administration: it inevitably results with our Republic in its current state of inept inundation owing to "Liberal Extremism".

Facts do not care about feelings!

Austin Gardner says:

Twitter would have an aneurism 😂 had me cryin, love it.

Nflgirl L. Workman says:

You Rock Real Dude !*

Beatrizia Davis says:

You are soooo right, I only hang out with like minded common sense people, people better than i. We should always strive to be better ♥️

Danny Dudley says:

i love this video and your thoughts man.

Ted Harvick says:

"Why are we rewarding dumbassery" perfect!!!!

GPK131 says:

jesus fuck i JUST realized his back track is from a famous KPOP song called Maria omg

Take me to your Liter says:

Hopefully Gorilla glue girl doesnt have kids!

Nauvoo Gamefarm says:

Thumbs up just for the tangent on the gorilla glue moron! Don’t follow stories on idiots but got the gist of it here n there, didn’t realize she is 40, WOW!

Ron Easterday says:

Love your rants on stupid people. I've always preferred to hang out with the older people. If you keep your mouth shut and your eyes and ears open, you might learn something.

johnrtrucker says:

I was watching a reaction to toms song cancelled and an ad ran mid roll for tom's "fake woke" and it was the FULL song! Someone deep in YouTube is on our side secretly… the awakening has begun! 😎

Stimulate your Senses says:

finally, someone who isn't a moron, great content G, keep it up

Jokester 113 says:

I feel like you would like NF songs, “remember this”, and the search album

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