Tom MacDonald- Clown World| Reaction

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Let us be thankful for the fools. But for them the rest of us could not succeed.
-Mark Twain
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Chris Jordan says:

This was a damn good reaction!! Preach!!

James Dark says:

i’m amazed at how observant you are, keep being you and life will be gravy.πŸ™β€οΈ

Areil Payne says:

I agree on so many levels!

Just A Crewchief says:

Be as late as you want, I’m happy to listen what you say any day!

Mike White says:

You my friend are awesome loved listening to ya !

AndyA says:

Wicked hair and you have such a beautiful complexion and intelligent mind. Spreading truth love and saving lives, #hangovergang New sub, God Bless

Zviola Bach says:

Truly appreciate you your voice thank you for your strength your honesty yep huge fan of Tom πŸŽΌπŸ‘ but appreciate you bringing humor and facts keeping it real much needed and appreciate πŸ™πŸ‘πŸ’—stay safe God Bless πŸ™

Deadpool Wilson says:

how tf do you only have 4.8 k subs bump this shit the fuck up… if ya want a reaction… this a fn reaction lol EDIT you are way too fn young to know wtf reading rainbow is =X lol

hardino0311 says:

Glad I found you. Good video, so glad to see a younger person that sees truth in all of these problems.

Joe Blow says:

I'm sure as a black woman you didn't have a dad around to say this….So I'm here to say what you've probably never heard, "I'm proud of you".

I know you get that joke.

tiger talks says:

He is absolutely right politicians and the elitist love it and want us divided, divided we are weak and what they fear most is the people coming together that's why they manipulate social media that's why they create race Wars . . wakey wakey. Once you see it you cannot unsee it

Steven Ticknor says:

So technically all 3 people you mentioned were cancelled lol!!!

DMG TJ says:

I agree 100% not with just a lot of toms shit, but what you've said yourself.
Also just saying, you are flippin gorgeous!!!

CCAFS617 says:

I remember growing up both sides could work & live together. Now a days one side thinks the other side can be stupid & one side thinks the other side is pure evil.

Teresa Mcclendon says:


Ty Graynor says:

I am so happy that I found you……………!!!

Sheila Hommell says:

civil war is coming…… the shit is too much,,,, come for the guns….. it is on!

Edward Nichols says:


Julia Belle says:

I'm conservative and I was the best woman at my friend's lesbian wedding lmaoo Girl you make me laugh so hard :'D I love the edits, love the energy!! Subbed

Joanna McPeak says:

I love your blue hair!!
And..your reactions are the best. I love the little clips that you add. You obviously put a lot of work into these productions.

chase hildebrant says:

Great reaction video, love your perspective. True open mindedness, love how you don't play into the left woke garbage, your real woke, not fake woke!

Crystal Cee says:

These edits lmfao πŸ’€πŸ’€

Robo DaD says:

One thing I thought was clever in the video is when he is turning the letter block in his hand it ends on the letter C. A pun of sorts on β€œSee” , open your eyes. #hangovergang

TheKrazysinner says:

conservatives now a days have no problem with the gay community, hell some of us are gay. we have a problem like you said with teaching it and bringing it around kids.

joe Ewing says:

I’ve never seen any of your stuff before, but I’m 1 minute in and I have to subscribe because I can already tell I like you. πŸ˜‚

nimrod maoz says:

Thank you. You are brave and beautiful

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