Tom MacDonald – "Clown World" (REACTION!!!)

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Heyy Cam and Kay Fam!!! Sorry for the wait guysss! We are reacting to Tom Macdonald’s new hit song “Clown World” let us know what you guys think of our reaction. Please like this video and JOIN THE FAM!!! As always, thanks for watching our video Tom MacDonald – “Clown World” (REACTION!!!)

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Brian Klein says:

Dont waste energy on people who get nasty, or offended. Your channel, your life, do you. Be real to who you are. The real fans will stay, the haters will lose interest. Great job

Nicholas Warman says:

A little constructive criticism. When you pause a video to interject your thoughts. It makes for a better video if you rewind 5 or 10 seconds. God bless you and your family keep up the good work

Mike White says:

You got that right! I’m 52 and never voted because I wish to go to Heaven so to support the lesser of two evils 🤥I’ll pass

Justin Nadeau says:

I agree with not choosing the lesser of two evils but I took the third option .

jim the trucker says:

The Bill of Rights was written. That if you do not like who is on the ballot you can elect your own choice on a written ballot.

jim the trucker says:

Your clothes all the way around liberals will take your gun Republicans will tell the women and text transexuals and all that staying home

Funky Cigarette says:

I think fighting violence with more violence is what they want

DontBanFreeThinkers MexicanPerspective says:

New generation needs to deep dive in history all politicians are corrupt.. sort out the constitutionalist and the corrupt

DontBanFreeThinkers MexicanPerspective says:

All lives matters includes black. Black lives matter is pushing a racist agenda. So which black lives matter? I'm curious.. black on black and abortions while cops are trying to prevent that. Theres no white cops hunting black people. Some people just don't know how to comply. Some cops shouldn't be cops we know this. But if you can't respect each other don't expect the world to. I remember when black folks were married and in love. They use to be more nuclear family based

DontBanFreeThinkers MexicanPerspective says:

But Republicans are pro gun.. they stand by the constitution..Democrats are trying to rip up the constitution..always vote by policies

James Frey says:

I'm on the middle ground too. I used to be on the right but I lost faith in those fuckers a while ago. People think I'm still on the right cuz I call out more bullshit on the left than the right. But there's just more bullshit the left is doing than what the rights doing.

LAZY strain says:

voting means everything actually but i do agree that if you don't like either candidate u shouldn't vote for either.

LAZY strain says:

take 400 million guns? oooookay.

LAZY strain says:

fans only or only fans?
Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge difference my friends lmao

Sillyas Iwannabe says:


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