TOLD THAT MAN HAPPY BIRTHDAY🤦🏾‍♂️ | Foolio – “When I See” Remix | Official Video | FIRST REACTION

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This our first reaction to the video. Yes it’s REAL! Yes it’s RAW! And yes it’s AUTHENTIC! If you enjoyed the video make sure you like, comment, share, and subscribe.

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William Coleman says:

I can say anyone needs my brother alone just him and I'm burning down everything u know. I can't even imagine how nuts I would go. Death for myself would be the only way to stop me. So bro bro u know u my love any I'll burn it all for you💯🦾❤️

Sean Stephens Jr says:

People say this diss bad and he went to far but who started all this? Ace we would’ve never been here

John Keable says:

He definitely won this battle. The way he was singing those words and his actions are so disrespectful. This one hit way different from who I smoke and he didn’t need any features. That being said the fact that these catchy ass songs are about young black men dying and they are so happy about it is truly disturbing

alan auguste says:

The man behind the camera sounds like hood cinema

Jaymade_ Ldj says:

Jacksonville Florida is where we do it👁

SnxgBoyQuan says:

He said happy birthday cause 23 died on his birthday w his other 2 brothers

Norti Wriot says:

Blow your candles out… Damn bitch!!! 😂😂😂 Foolio is underrated. Best diss song I've heard in a while.

Jacque Renee says:

None of it is funny

Lw beast says:

Bro that promo inna begginin smack

Nadiest says:

For the people that don’t know why he keep saying happy birthday is because the three guys that died were celebrating one of Aces bros birthdays and that’s when they got smoked outside a restaurant. Only survivor in the car was Ace.

MadewithBeauty says:

He didn’t get “embarrassed” with who I smoke, he got DISRESPECTED…let’s keep it all the way real

Kind of like Jordan says:

i feel like if anything else does happen thats too big it would prolly be this weekend

Xen. says:

The song 3 minutes long but this video 19 minutes long 🤔

OXDATBISON Television says:

What that song in beginning

Jasmine R says:

The diss cool and all but these people really deceased I just really don’t find that funny

Davod Jean says:

Song is 🔥

Mitchell Young says:

813 champs baby

LaKendric Mayo says:

Foolio just dropped “ Who I Smoke “ you’ll gotta react 💯💯💯

Tony Jones says:

Youtube and the FBI lawyers for this…. Be safe out here

90's Hip Hop Addict says:

This shit is crazy. How do y'all actually listen to this garbage that is somehow considered "hip-hop?". Listen to real hip hop.

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