Tion Wayne Pulled Over & Digga D Girl Speaks Out #RapNews

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Tion Wayne Pulled Over & Digga D Girl Speaks Out #RapNews
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1) Tion Wayne pulled over with all the drama going on in recent times with ofb it is not suprised he has posted now and hasnt been bagged.

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2) GRM Daily drop new documeantry and dutchavelli talks on there about his story.

3) LinkUpTV Drop new top 5 bangers video sneakbo is not happy touch uh button was not on thete

4) Digga D New girls speaks out about Digga D

5) Fredo New Album Is Coming Soon, Fredo Says
Dave will me mixing it up

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iSmxllz says:

Digga D when he videoshooying with people there: That’s him I swear right their.
In the video: Right der

Bizarre says:

Havent you seen the comments digga and his girl commented? Thats 100% theyy togetha

C4frmDaEndZz says:

Info god 💉💯🍁🥶

Clarkey Dan says:

nobody rates a snitch thats why

superboy ashley says:

Wtf was he doing on that bed 🤣🤣🤣

4ourS DTV says:

Gas gang freestyle is a deffo a top 5 street banger

K7 says:

Why does it sound like youre the same guy from ounraigenious🤔

S4IF15 says:

keep it up g much better

Lool Sym says:

Yh that’s deffo tion Wayne check his lips🤣

Big black dingus Free da guys says:

She’s older than him too

Big black dingus Free da guys says:

2:54 doesn’t mean she ain’t clout chasing … lol

KrxckedΨ says:

This channel is the best if ur tryna catch up on everything going on in hip hop. Read my name

Lala B says:

“Needs a girl” lol

K D says:

Yhyh Fredo n Sneakbo should’ve been in there

Abid Haque says:

Cmon best report page keep it up💯💯💥


Need a girl to calm him down uno loooool are girls these utes mums, there are therapists for a reason

Bova says:

Headie one probs snitchin

Adam says:

Ask urself would she really date him, if he wasn’t digga d? 😂 jokers about not clout chasing

Earthツ says:

I don’t understand why people are surprised about digga having a girl like who actually cares man people are so weird

Say Nothing says:

1. Lethal B – Pow
2. More Fire Crew – Oi
3. So Solid Crew – They Don't Know
4. Roll Deep – When I'm Ere
5. Nines – Trapper Of The Year

Aydilla says:

What’s the song that goes If i pull up with the suttn on my side, somebody affi die ay ay ayyy

Kezabel says:

Free Tion Wayne 💛🧡

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