THEY A FOOL WIT IT! Bfb Da Packman x Sada Baby – Free Joe Exotic (Official Music Video) [REACTION]

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I reacted to Bfb Da Packman, Sada Baby – Free Joe Exotic

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Cj Da Kid Zeus says:

Intro song?

IXEWater Splash says:

Pakman and ugly god need to make a song on god 😂😂😂😂😂

xSoporific says:

That camera movement fye

ljdagoat says:

he look like the light skin version or sada baby with waves

D1 jay says:

Packman from texas

Daevon Herron says:

Him and sada baby look alike

Prod. Eli says:

It’s crazy cuz bruh look like sada baby son😂

CobyDoee says:

Hollywood donn the light skin sada baby.

Chubby Man says:

Bruh if you ain’t sada baby long lost brother idk then

O’Merion Stevenson says:

What camera you got

J3r3m1ah says:

Bfb is from flint

Marquiss Lane says:

You look like sada baby

fsb mya says:

Detroit inna mtf buildin yessir🥳


Sada baby reacts sada baby

Valeyntino says:

If you bored in quarantine and tryna hear some 🔥 and new click the link ,simple👁🌗

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