the weeknd – save your tears [slowed & reverb]

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the weeknd – save your tears [slowed & reverb]

~ wish you were here ~

~ junji.

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Tatanka Lyons says:

3 other slowed down versions of this were not it until I clicked on this one, promise you this the one

Random Tingz says:

ok but this slaps hard

IAM Comic Pro says:

“But you walked past me like I wasn’t there, and just pretended like you didn’t care.”

John Del Organico says:

0:30 best part tho

Michael Keen says:

i like the part when she drives


The only thing that de-vibes me from this is how the person driving marks the rythm with his/her finger. NONONONO

Johnny Lorence says:

From where is the animation, help pls?

Voy A Beber says:

I don’t know why I run away 🥺

rougeless says:

i hate her as much as i love this song

pyroplays123 says:

this version is so much better than the original one

S Shadows says:

This what Carrie must have had on the radio as she was driving out of her prom…

Xandy Oliver says:

Ficou top 👌🏻

Batool says:

This is chefs kiss

Gaurav sutradhar says:

you look so happy when I'm not with you 😔😔

Air says:


Elwira Warmuz says:

Just in case you were wondering, the finger touched the steering wheel 297 times.

Have a good day 🙂


The instrumental version would be amazing too

Mick Beinhauer says:

I Listen to and think about how it would be with ✨her✨ now

Czar Malarkey says:

I heard the normal version on the radio for the first time last week. This edit is superior and in a league of it's own!

Marta TJ says:


Felic 56 says:

If this isn’t in euphoria season 2.

Rinat.LATATA says:

ну и балдёж😍

Brett the Behemoth says:

It took 2 trillion years to cross the galaxy travelling at 90KM/h. It's not even the same galaxy anymore. Not really. Andromeda collided with us billions of years ago. New stars were born in the immediate aftermath of this merging of cosmic giants, but even they have long-since faded away. Now there is only the faint glint of a dwindling number of tiny red dwarves to fill the vast, empty void. It was a long drive, but now, billions of years since we saw our last supernova, we're finally home.

Brecht says:

Kinda obsessed with this song

Josef_20 says:

Listening to this crying while he's saying save your tears hits different.

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