The Weeknd & Ariana Grande – Save Your Tears (Remix) (Lyrics)

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SyrebralVibes says:

Where is everybody listening from? 💖


Here All talks are on ariana's vocals but same goes with the weekend he is freaking good

Diamant Master says:

Nice song 😁👍

Barbara Martinez says:

Que canten juntos de verdad….por favor

Nadia Shafwahraditya says:

Amazing music

manaswith says:

This is why she talks high all the time, to protect her lower register voice, she’s been doing it for years and that’s why her low voice sounds so beautiful now because she’s been protecting it

Senku says:

When she says oh boy😍

Mr. Marvel says:


laredj laredj says:

The weeknd : save your tears for another day
Ariana grande : and got no tears left to cry

Javiera Vásquez Retamales says:


Javiera Vásquez Retamales says:


Javiera Vásquez Retamales says:


Angel says:

I have to go bye everybody I will chat
With you later by Ariana Grande

Angel says:

Ariana Grande your so pretty to
me and my favourite singer
And can I be your best friend please
People think I'm a kid but I'm a teenager

Amira Krim says:

I really like it 😊

Trains games & more says:

is my head exploding from this beat?

Anna P says:

why this song has a vibe of Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf relationship

Mei Ling says:

How did I not know there was a remix 🤯

Elmer Baguipo says:

This song is so beautiful. I'm always playing this everyday. I love them both singing in one single…. just wow♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Shioonaii says:

I like the "(Oh oh oh oh oh) part

Tony Maldonado says:

Not a big Ariana Grande fan at all… Actually cant stand her to be honest, but she sounds way more natural in this track and I love it!!! I can hate but I can respect something good/amazing. Kinda like Tom Brady….

Cynthia Ali says:

"you look so happy when i'm not with you" istg this hit diff

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