The Twenty One Pilots Universe: Trash the Dragon's True Meaning in 'Scaled And Icy'

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the revival of “The Twenty One Pilots Universe” series.
“The Significance of The Dragon”
A video essay about the history of the dragon’s design and it’s creators ideologies.

part one ::


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podcast! “23.976”





AVA – for providing heavy insight into the connection to the faerie queene

JADED ALICE – for diving into the walter crane before anyone else

BENDI – for helping us discover the dragons true origins



the team behind twenty one pilots

tyler and josh

and you

Hyper Light Drifter – DISASTERPEACE

Nico and the Niners – TWENTY ONE PILOTS

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Winston and the Niners says:

Can we appreciate how he changed the aspect ratio for this video

Amen Mekonnen says:

Why does this guy remind me of ted from how i met your mother

Frosty says:

How does TOP come up with this stuff???

Keturah Sheen says:

Trash's eyes are yellow like the banditos!! In the Saturday video clip – a concert, a complete diversion – Trash crashes into the submarine so they can escape. Josh also slaps yellow tape on the wall and drums with yellow drumsticks!!????? it also looks like no bishops got out???? no weird red hoods to be seen

VforVendetta_828 says:

Trash? The dragon?

Shannon OConnell says:

Will you be uploading new explanation videos on other songs from this album any time soon Nalbis? I'm DYING to learn more. When is your typical schedule for uploads? If you have one

Willum says:

Can't wait till the video on scaled and icy

big fella says:

Love these vids!

FilthyWarlockMain says:

Most reviewers of SAI: “it’s just a stupid pop-album”

TOP fans: “so here’s a reference in this song that relates to medieval mythology which within the broader context reveals an analysis of our own capitalist society, which is illustrated in part by the bishops of DEMA and their religion of vialism which has direct ties to Zoroastrianism……”

mr.sinner says:

Ok, but…Why is his name "trash" ???

AU_Sans_101 says:

I saw this video by looking it up lol

manuisnotnice says:

even though scaled and icy is pure propaganda, I believe they're trying to send messages to their audience, their fans, their clikkies, their banditos. I was on the livestream experience (which, btw was fucking amazing) and there were two "interviewers" of "good day dema" they basically introduce tyler and his band, making him perform some songs of scaled and icy, but, Tyler started to play some songs of blurryface and vessel and when he was on the middle of migraine or holding on to you (I don't remember) they just interrupted, like a tv propaganda and I was like bro wtf?
after that, they keep trying to sell scaled and icy and the next song was mulberry street. and that happened like two or three times. the clikkies had discovered that both of the interviewers were bishops, but I don't have much info about that theory, but it kinda makes sense.
on the other side, the lyrics of scaled and icy are kinda (very) deep. lots of fans had said that it's too happy for being an top album and I'm like bro, have you paid attention to the lyrics? that's not happy.
on the other other side, we can see that their roles are switching. this time Josh did not dyed his hair, was tyler. on the posters of the album, they switched sides. even on the end of the livestream experience they had also switched positions. everything is different because it's a dema propaganda. they're trying to sell us that Clancy died when actually they're still stuck in that city, but now they're basically being used by the bishops.
for the other other other side, the released Saturday music video yesterday and with it, a lot of more theories.
for example, the dragon is the one that destroyed the submarine and if you count well, at the end of the video, there's only 21 people that survived to the accident….
while the submarine was falling apart, josh put some yellow tape on the wall, like covering a hole. that could mean some kind of message or something.
in the shy Away music video, there's a lot, A LOT of neon lights, which like you said in your other videos, are a fake signal of hope that the bishops put on dema to make their citizens feel "better".
in the choker video, we can see that tyler tries to steal the little dragon, because it's probably an important part to escape from dema, (even though he probably wants to destroy Clancy) but josh captures him just like Nico does on Jumpsuit musical video.
As I said, the dragon is the one that destroys the submarine on Saturday, and that submarine had printed "DMA ORG" which obviously means that is from the bishops. trash is an important key to escape from dema.
about josh, I'm not sure if he's still that "light" that helps tyler to have the forces to leave dema, like on heavydirtysoul or heathens. I hope he does.
for the other other other other side, the dragon is the cover of the album. you said that the dragon is like a symbolism of a guardian, like in The Hobbit, he's keeping Erebor's gold. Or in Shrek, she's keeping Fiona on that castle. The fact that trash is the cover might represents that he's the guardian of the bishops, so people won't be able to rescue tyler and josh from their power.

there's a lot to procces, even after a month and a half after scaled and icy release. and this is going for long.

sorry if this was too long, it's 2 am and I'm having a twenty one pilots crisis. if you read all of it, you're amazing.

Huswaldlans Allertse says:

Please make a theory about the Saturday MV now

Mary Harris says:

This video is so helpful. Another theory I thought of while reading the lyrics to Outside is what if Trash is actually a machine made by the banditos? Here's the bridge: "I am a Megalodon, oceans feeling like a pond, Swimming like a beast, underneath they be
clinging on, Meteoric rise, in prehistoric times, Now that meteor is coming, coming
I am Megatron, cogs I'm stepping on, Then the little cogs got together, start a
renaissance, Switched it up on me, fuel efficiency, On fumes I am running, running, running" in the music video for Saturday Trash looks huge in the ocean like a megalodon. And it says he runs on fumes, like the yellow flames pouring out of Trash's nose on the album cover. Maybe the yellow of the banditos and trench are what fuels Trash. His representation of deception shows that the album is deceptively propaganda but his true purpose is to protect Tyler and Josh which deceives the bishops. Or maybe he's deceiving us all 🤷

damarebaka says:

still waiting for the sai review + theory

Sonya Gervasoni says:

Well they are dragons 88.. and what do you say about the WATER?

Ócsai Olivér says:

Hey Man, When will u uploading the scaled and icy universe explanation video? Or it will be any kind of content like this?

Harshita Srivastava says:

1. How did you even notice this stuff
2. This seems kind of far fetched, but I don't trust Twenty Øne Piløts anymore

Fries101Reviews says:

Will there be a Part 3 of Scaled and Icy

DynamoDoesMusicStuff says:

Everyone, i have a theory, funnily enough it doesent line up with what hes saying about trash the dragon but it still works. So clancy is dead and josh is mourning him, coming up with these happy songs that would remind him of clancy. josh killed clancy.He was hypnotised by the nine bishops into thinking that the goal didnt matter and that there was no point. he was trying to commit suicide but in the process, killed clancy. He has been shying away , lil connection there, in the heavy dirty soul car.
while being in the car he imagines that clancy is still alive and the banditoes still respect him. In this world he is persuading himself to fight back against dema once more. Josh is from clancy's district of dema so nico is reponsible for going after him, but instead, keons, sacarver,listo,lisden,reisdro,andre,nico and nills are all going after him. however,clancy is actually alive in the real world and him and the banditoes try and get him out, but, they get bodies every day like it says in redecorate, im not sure if that made any sense but i hope it did.

Alexander Shlotov says:

Totally shocking idea and explanation

Milagros Sabrina Ogliastri Salgado says:


SadWasDead says:

even if you don't like top's songs, you have to appreciate the work put into this. also wanted to add that at AROUND 10:00 you said that dema is a metaphor for big companies, and big companies usually treat their employees badly and that can cause mental health problems, which will cause the to fall into dema.

DarkFaced_gamers says:

The mug on the choker music video says “keep you’re sunny days” those are lyrics from mulberry street

Betsy Ramirez says:

Wow. This was….I can't even explain it, but thank you for sharing your knowledge and incredibly interesting pov. I always felt like there was this waaay deeper meaning behind it all…cover, colors, lyrics, design, vibes, all of it! I no longer have that void sir, and it feels SO NICE😁. I also have an appreciation for the album and band that I didn't think had any room for expansion. Have an awesome day!

Gecko says:

I live on Clancy Way………

Abby V says:

Violism is suicide.

Ellie's Reviews says:

So what I'm hearing is Twenty One Pilots is socialist…

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