The Real Reason (Lil Durk) jumped on Instagram right after (FBG Duck) gets Gun downed in Chicago.

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Live footage of FBG laying in the street while the police do nothing. If you know what’s going on, YOU KNOW FBG-Duck was a real street dude, so I’m sure he had real enemies. I understand the situation between Durk & FBG but I’m still shocked Lil Durk hops on Instagram right after they announce his death. Many fans believe the song Dead Bitc#es was the main reason Durk hopped on the gram after FBG death since apparently Durk’s family was mentioned in the diss. All I’ll say is we’re losing too many good rappers which means young black men. We gotta stop this trend. (RIP Duck)

This video features a snippet of a song by FBG Duck called (Dead Bitc#es) If you want to hear more of his music click here.

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El Pojo Loco Beatz says:

al these cops but no ambulances….maybe they could save him

Kendrick Williams says:

Durk with the label set up and killed duck and police let him die

Cesar cruz says:

You live by the gun you die by the gun

Lamingus Maytubbie says:

By now the police should have videos hopefully they can solve this case

TurnUp Melo MV says:

Nah he ain’t say aye u got the lawyer it sounded like it tho

mary marry says:

oooooo he rapping ybg duck rap….. smh aint nothing in the streets turn to GOD HE THE ONE THAT NEEDS HIS ARMY STRONGER …. IF U TOUGH BE A WARRIOR FOR CHRIST…. RIP YBG DUCK

1k says:

If duck got hit any other state he'd still be alive the cops so used too killing that literally let him bleed out he was fighting for his life for a long time 💯

Cantrelle says:

His own ppl probably killed him. After, he made that song I knew something was going to happen. Wow I’m just shocked he got killed I’m late to this, but when he tried to make peace that was the wrong move.

RaZe X Clapz says:


Live Trell says:

Bruh everybody and they mama know lil Durk or king von got the hit out on that nigga lol it’s obvious. Niggas had to put some Ms on his head

MNY LNGR says:

ME: Trying to pay attention


Wesley296 says:

You know what they say about Oblock? Grindr capital of Chicago every weekend them niggas is down low lololol

TDU SoloTooReal says:

Durk said u can’t run wen we shoot!!!

Aaron Rambert says:

I think u reaching😂😂

Folk1 says:

The man ain’t say shit 🤷🏾‍♂️ smh y’all YouTubers, wannabe detectives low key, are gonna keep fuckin around til these gangs start green-lighting y’all.

Dj buttstuff says:

Wtf was I supposed to be listening for when durk was on the plane ?… because he didn’t say shit incriminating

Woody Joseph says:

Notice not a single officer was keeping pressure on his wound he still had a chance just like Reese did that’s why ya gotta have riders round all the time because the ride never stop

Brazy4L says:

So what he say I’m confused?🤦🏾‍♂️😂

Chino Black says:

Yea duck dissed but he was Changing he was tired but can u blame him oblock always mention TOOKA and Brick all the time he did what he had too do RIP Duck but durk and Von was definitely behind it

High Quality filmz says:


Anna Johnson says:

The devil got all these dummies soul

XxAlanxX says:

They got money yet they still doing the same shit then they wonder why ppl dont like the black community 😒

SK C7 says:

CBz needa take a O

Itss.FlyyJoe says:

They Left Him By A Tires 😈

David Brown says:

45 min for a 12 min ride to the ER… POLICE KILLED THAT NICCA FR FR

Nolove Thedon says:

Fuck 12 gangstas don't die they multiple

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