Tee Grizzley – Real N*ggas [Official Music Video]

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StoneBridge & Crystal Waters - Love Terminator

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Stephanie Reese says:

Let make a appointment I got someone who needs slugs as in a diamond in they teeth

Neverlackin47 says:

Damn I found this on my liked list from hella long ago and still know the words 🔥🔥💯

ethanschickensalad says:

2021 still bumpin this fucking classic

Stephanie Reese says:

Frfr I baracadekinggga said this I ain't never been to any of the party and tha meeting that really means a lot and I have a lot of people who will vouch for me and I promise on boss and tha street and I promise on tha bible hood bible

young mitch says:

Remember that court room being empty way bak at my final sentence

113OneOneThree113 says:

Real 1/1i664s don't gotta say they real… They just have a real big sign that says real.

Well made music video!

Aubrey Chaney says:

Real niggas here 2021🔥🔥💯

Timothy Brown says:

Tee grizzly

Eric Jackson says:

I'm white but aye stop by I'm in kentucky😂

Selfsame livery1 Gaming Channel says:

Real niggas ain’t got to say they real.🗣💯

L!V3 4ever says:

This joint had me in my feelings a bit lol

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