Teacher Reacts to Tom Macdonald – Clown World (REACTION) Thomas is Pushing Buttons!!!

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Teacher Reacts to Tom Macdonald – Clown World (REACTION)

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Still coming with the Content. Here we have a reaction to “Clown World” by Tom Macdonald

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Justin Martin says:

"This constitution shall guarantee all states in this union a republican form of government"- Article 4 section 4 U.S. constitution. While we were absolutely never intended to be the oligarchy we have become we were never intended to be a democracy either. Because, "Democracy is nothing more or less than 51% of the population having the power to take away the rights of the other 49%."- Thomas Jefferson
Which is why:
"There has never been a greater form of government than democracy except everything that came before, and everything that has come since"- Thomas Jefferson

Bobby Lewis says:

You are right about leaving better kids for our planet, but there's so many issues and this younger generation is so lost. Though so I am clear not saying everyone in this younger generation

Les Moore says:

"I don't hate all police".

William Swanson says:

He was talking about people paying with there life’s

Turtley Boo says:

Loving all the anime merch!

the Last says:

No one teaching the kids to do their taxes or change a tire how are they going to save the planet?

Tom Hier says:

The biggest thing I take from all the reactions to this song is the fact that people dislike these reactions. He isn't pushing buttons, he's giving facts. The thumbs down just show that people still can't handle facts.

Sean Stevens says:

It takes a Canadian to reunite Liberal and Conservative Americans in 2021

calantheshaman says:

Nice reaction and awesome vegeta poster

David Montes says:

Fake woke talks about police.

Adrienne Allen says:

I think he’s saying not all police are bad.

JayMan05 says:

im white and i have been treated horribly by police and many whites are i got followed in stores cuz i would wear baggy clothes and a backwards hat…i got pulled over 20 times for nothing…..so i feel like white lives dont really matter that much anymore in this country. i wish nba would draft more whites to make it equal and same with nfl and mlb but majority is black……honestly i dont care if there are more whites in those leagues because i understand it goes to who ever is the best at there profession but i was making a point that all races have downfalls in this world and country so its not just blacks. all mt friends are black and they agree with me 1000 percent.

100% Pro America says:

Paused 7:11

Taxes are unconstitutional and illegal! Why do you think one of the big reasons the founding fathers left England? A reason was taxes! That's why WE the Pele had the Boston Tea Party.

The only reason we are paying taxes now is because it was used as an excuse to fund a war and imagine that, the greedy fuckers never stopped taxing us. Just like how the government said oh toll roads are only to pay for the construction and then they'll be removed, WRONG! It's being used to line the pockets of these treasonous crooks but Democrat and republican alike but liberals are the worse!

Also to comment on that pinned comment, yes America is a Republic and the states individually are a democracy (from my understanding). Yet what do we hear these asahat liberals pushing? "WE see a democracy", BULLSHIT!

WE the Patriots need to stand up and take our great nation back. Come on people, they were able to stage a full blown Civil War with no socialistbook, no twatter, no Instagram, no technology! So what's stopping WE the people from doing what needs to be done? We saw the capitol building on 06 January, correct? They coward in fear, demanded to be protected by people with the guns they're trying to take away from us because they know that as long as we have our arms, they'll never get full blown control and turn this great nation into a 3rd world shithole so China can step up and take control of the entire world!

Hey, what do I know? I'm just a mentally disabled straight white male who is proud to be an American and a proud President Trump supporter even though the election was stolen! Trump 2020 baby, Trump is not just a man, Trump is not just an idea, Trump is a fucking revolutionary movement and so much more!

100% Pro America says:

Haha dude! I just laughed out loud when Tom's line about being confused when he sees a man with beasts and a beard and I see the look on your face, haha ha!

Gene Been says:

Isn’t the electoral college supposed to protect against the elites in big cities/states, not a symptom of elitism?

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