Stephen Sharer – TikTok Cutie (Behind the Scenes)

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Tiktok Cutie Music video Goes Live, SATURDAY JANUARY 30! Comment who knows the official TikTok Cutie dance the best!

As you know Stephen Sharer new song TikTok Cutie Music video is going live NEXT vlog Saturday, January 30th! Today, Stephen is with his best friend Topper and even more epic YouTubers like Donlad and Nick Bencivengo and Colie and Jennifer and Stephen Sharer takes you behind the scenes of the TikTok Cutie Music Video. This is super exciting because these are the same producers who filmed Dixie D’Amelio – One Whole Day Feat. Wiz Khalifa (Official Video)
And not only that but this music video is being filmed at a top secret safe house location in Hollywood, CA! Of course, Stephen is bringing his Lamborghini SHARERGHINI and the Spy Wagon to set as well. Get ready as Steven gives you an exclusive tour behind the scenes of TikTok Cutie Music Video and get ready for the official Music Video release this Saturday January 30th!!

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Stephen Sharer says:

TikTok Cutie Music Video goes live Saturday, January 30th! Are you ready?!

Daniel Lopez says:

When you comment tell me if you want to do it

Daniel Lopez says:

i watch your videos every day

Sara Blevons says:

Stephen should do AMONG us in real life with friends and family and fans.

Daniel Lopez says:

I have to tell you something about the pond monster you have to tell grace when I tell this you have to go back home and help her you can get rid of them if you lisen to me go back home

Nene Mitchell says:

Do you got a girl

Alex Prosser says:

BEST SONG ITS DODE stream the song on Spotify

Mary Anderson says:

Honestly I loxe Stepven

Ashley Dark sleyer says:

Im excited icant wait for the video 🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻

Emilio Morales says:

Me I love stephen sharer he is the best yutuber in the world

Exit 911 says:

Stephen Sharer.
I am so glad that the TikTok Cutie Music Video will be released on my Birthday January 30th.

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