Soolking – Rockstar 2 [Clip Officiel] Prod by Chefi Beat *Scottish/Pakistani Reaction*

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Soolking is a very talented artist and he never fails to impress!

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Just Shakira says:

This is my Instagram for everyone asking JustShakira11 💓🔥❤️ enjoy the video !

mtaibouni64 says:

I was going to write to you , to ask you , why you are not wearing your sunglasses, then you starting talking about your soolking sunglasses ha ha.
Nice reaction from you Darling.

ahmed sansri says:

i love your voice

Saada Belarbi says:

Hay chakira toooooop riakt

jilali Kaoni says:


Hossem king says:

Worst reaction ever you heair is fine and yeh peac

elkhadra16 says:

Dz power from algeria ✌🏻😉✌🏻🇩🇿🔥🔥🔥

Dalim Khaloufitch says:

I love this song 💛I love the clip 💜and I love ur hair 💚 😂😂😂

NOUNOU videos says:

Plz plz plz ZDK DMT 🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🙏🙏🙏🙏🥺

Core Dz says:

You have a voice of a tv news reporter or journalist , i like your voice , calm .. deep and powerful

MUS snake says:



You need subtitles but you still made me laugh you do have imaginations I tell you that . Well done keep it up

Yacine Giggs says:


Yako joker says:

You like shakira

Yako joker says:

You are beautiful

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