Soolking – Rockstar 2 [Clip Officiel] Prod by Chefi Beat | REACTION

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My reaction to Soolking – Rockstar 2 [Clip Officiel] Prod by Chefi Beat



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Ossama Top says:

Didin klach best raper algerian

pet cheetah says:

OKI feat. Żabson – DLA ZIOMALI

Facts Info says: React to this song bro you will love it

vignesh Mudaliyar says:

My name is vignesh your name is v nesh ???

عبدله الحكيمي says:

React last song liil baliil 🇸🇴

Shan Khasraw says:

Please reaction to ( Melek rojhat – helina xewnab ) it is a great Kurdish song 💜💙

Abdi Fatah says:

Plz react somali rappers trible east song struggle

MiringchingR says:

React yo Nepali Rapper NASTY-REGARDS

Arshia AKB says:

React Amir Tataloo "BaTo2"

Arshia AKB says:

Please search Amir Tataloo's biography inside YouTube and you can also look at Tataloo's biography from YouTube page.

Islam Gasmi says:

Soolking 🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿

Mustofa Abudan says:

Please reaction cover song from sabyan, with title kisah sang rosul

Mahmoud Souayfan says:

voici le parole

bad boy121 says:

Between all the reactions i began with yours bro

Kiki Benyamina says:


yassmine šãåmüë says:

واش ما كاتقاداش ا خويا الهندي و لا من عرف

السمراء الجزائرية says:

What do you think of portraying your reaction to the dancer in the video, his name is Salah Intertainer, and he is Algerian and Moroccan

Samira Mira says:

Algeria Algeria 🇩🇿

Samira Mira says:

Waaao 😍❤🇩🇿

kim_Yesoya야 소야 says:

Plissss lesn too#nazdarboke

louli Rose says:

Soolking is legendery…
Nice reaction … Thanks 💎💀👑

T-G Algeria says:

Reaction ti9agang-[kami-hami-ha] 🔥🔥🔥🔥🙏🏼

Mama Mama says:

Tooooop rap algeria. Soolking i love you👌

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