Somebody That I Used To Know (Dubstep Remix) – Dylan Taylor Drum Cover

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Song: Somebody That I Used To Know (KDrew Dubstep Remix)
Artist: Gotye ft. Kimbra
Label: Universal Republic Records

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**Copyright Statement** This video is not intended to infringe any copyright laws in any way. This is for the sole purpose of entertainment; no profit is gained from this. It is the copyrighted property of its respective owner(s).


New Hope Clothing!


Dark Horse Percussion Drums
Bass 22”x24”, Tom 8”x12”, Floor Tom 16”x16”, Snare 8”x14”


TRX Cymbals
22” MDM Ride, 19” LTD China, 18” LTD Crash, 15” DRK/BRT Hi Hats

Silverfox Drumsticks
JX Series

Thank you to everyone that supports me and to everyone that doesn’t. All of you motivate me to play better and raise the bar with each cover I do. Enjoy!


Ford Argentina S.A. says:

Just an inmortal song and a monster drummer. What a nice thing is the music.

ThePlayboy126 says:

Die Frage stellt sich nur dann wenn dein Talent über die Probe hinaus ragt

ThePlayboy126 says:

Wieso hast du noch keinen Sänger für den abgefucken scheiß????

SKYAZ Group says:

I love all your videos

Francisco Valenzuela says:

A lot of show needlessly

Whinn Epanag says:

Still watching this video in june 2020😍

LifesGood says:

Here 2020 !

Jajo Dread says:

Toda la rabia de haber terminado con alguie, puesta en tocar batería xD

Jola Idziaszek says:

Fajnie grasz

Stig Roar Hoff says:


sean busick says:

At 0:58 the sound was a little different then what u played but other than that awesome cover.

Brian Stover says:

Mass lalent but too much for that song

Yehezkiel 766hi says:

Corona virus 2019-2020

Gold runner 11 says:

This man broke the laws of physics how didn't those sticks break? Lol

Sareem Ahmed says:

So energetic ♥️

Krzysztof Gibek says:

You are amazing MAN 👍👍👍 I am impressed 🔥🔥🔥 Congratulations 👏👏👏

Gaynor Realtor Miami says:

Thanks 🙏 I can breathe when u hit

Amruth Raj says:

Came back to watch this this is daaamn 🔥😇 2020 Feb 20 1:35am😝

Jr. Stanley says:

I think he is angry for someone, he is putting that all frustration on drums…..but this is something unbelievable, unbeatable

Francius Samantha says:

This boy is on FIRE**

Kasper Ducheneaux says:

Hell yeah 🤘💯

Kaczor says:

JBL Boombox Death 😭😭😭🥺🥺😱😱 Low Freqtulity Mode

TC.1923 says:

what is this man doing??

Rayhan Anwar says:

He is a God! 😮

Iqmalzaeem Subri says:

i still watch 2020. like🙃🔓

Muamer Cutuk says:

I'll tell you one thing, i like the original version. So i listen to it, then come here and listen to the dubstep version drum cover to clean my ears out…… i freaking love this guys playing

Avijit Srimani says:

Best drum cover ever…

NightNightFire says:

Still watching this December 27th 2019 knowing he burned through more calories playing drums then I do In 2 hours of playing hockey goalie 😂

Anukrah cr7 says:

He's better than codey

George Roy says:

Pure talent!!!! wow!!! its really hard to drum like this!!

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