Sleepy Hallow – 2055 (Official Video)

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Sleep Hallow – 2055 out now!

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Directed by Ryan Dylan Selkirk (Aylo)

Lead Animator – Owen Khang

Compositing/Additional Animation – Akam Hussein Rustam

Backgrounds/Concept Artist – Meli Sosa

Cleanup Artists – Amber Kovacs & Scarlett Ainsworth

Colorist – Brandon Noble

#SleepyHallow #2055 #HipHop



l song made me lose my valorant game

KRonin says:

22 Years before the events of cyberpunk 2077 and he's our main protag.

Yadel Torres says:

this song the world best song in the world

random_user226 says:

Foe people who listening to this in 2055, this man predicted the future..

Jaime Cordeiro says:

fire add to playlist

Xytra1x says:

Idk why it feels like I’ve heard this song before but I haven’t does anyone feel the same?

Random Shitposter says:

I found this song while tripping on acid because the video has the best visuals and now I can't stop listening to sleepy. He's a fuckin beast


Awee this will be the song I off myself to 😌

Kpalee Npimnee says:

Imagine this song still being a vibe in 2055

Alex Rubio says:

This sounds like coldwater justin Bieber😪

AK 47 says:

Sounds like pop smoke

Rmeissa Hdjahmd says:

Thé question is will WE have EVEN FLYING CARS by 2055 lol
Anyways the song SLAAAAPS


Mans in the future

eliplayin says:

Only ogs know that sleepy has had a song blow up before

Kingsway Deliverance says:

this song is fire and such a vibe be back at 2055 new years to listen to this mad vibe

Matej Pavcnik says:


Edouard Laflamme says:

I dont know why, but i just feel like sleepy hallow in the video…

Saniya Adeniyi says:

"He wanted beef but didnt know it came with fries" WHAT⁉️ 💯 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Icy Hoops says:

I swear if we don’t do the biggest party for this in 2055🥺

Orlando Garcia says:

Day 2 of listening to 2055 by sleepy hallow

Kentrell Creamer says:

Sleepy hollow hear me out tryna get signed everyone deserves a chance right 🌙🖤🌙🖤

noah Mitchell says:

Graphics remind me of the original teen titans and best song ever

Yousaf Shahzad says:

"I don't want friends, everybody fake, I don't got trust"…

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