Sidemen React to Lil Nas X – MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)

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Lil Nas X – MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)


Adwaith Sr says:

Wait didnt they delete this vid?

Carlos Casas says:

U stop it way too much

Jose Gonzalez says:

I hate. This. Song.

Hamad Rahman says:


Keanu Day says:

omg almost every second they stop the videos then talk

Shadow King says:

I didn’t watch it but it look disturbing

Bethany Newburn says:

When i first saw the the music video (official music vid) I thought the snake was Jj

Zafro Looker says:

VFX artists react

Ben Brumfield says:

U were paused the whole entire fucking song🤦‍♂️

Dylan Edwards says:

The reason why there’s the devil is because lil nas is gay and gay people r hated by christians and r told u go to hell if ur gay

Ognjen Stevanović says:

Mashed potatoes

Seth Lebow says:

Horny Et less gooo!!!!

pre sarangani says:

Umm… I feel uncomfortable when He was going down to hell 😂😂

Abbey Iyewarun says:

When I watched this I thought Lil nas x was gay I not lying

md ridzuan says:

Fun Fact:lil nas is gay

1 Pluto says:

The serpent is the gay demon the serpent possess lil bad to become gay and the other part of his body doesn’t like that so they were gonna stone him but the guy the one that they show the stone one throws a butplug at his head and he dies that means he has guilt meaning hell when they trick him to make him think heaven but he wants guilt to be ahem you guessed it the bloody satan / angle

Extract Desire says:


Marco Tarulli says:

Everyone it’s called call by your name don’t watch this video because they wouldn’t stop

Marco Tarulli says:

Can stop talking and play the fucking video

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