Save Your Tears The Weeknd remix. Ariana Grande Live iHeartRadio Awards Performance HD

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Mash Art says:

I've made a Save Your Tears Remix music video, also featuring a verse from Dua Lipa 🔥

Calvin Tan says:

Now my second fave after their love me harder 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡

peter wagher says:

Let’s admit that everyone wants to see them together let’s just all slide her husband so we can give The Weeknd a chance w her

Penny Dennis says:

They did great together and able looks so happy! I think that heart of his is healing ❤

André Bavellar says:

Dois cantor ruim cantando uma música ruim… Pior ela tentando fazer o gritinho da Mariah Kkk Kkk…. Tadinha, tão fraquinha

Rian Syah Putra says:

Ariana whistle voice is so polite came to my ears

Lacusta Darnte says:

That vocal tho I'm stunned😥😥

Lesley Gonzalez says:

I want THISSSSS remix on Spotify ASAP

John Lavvas says:

The white cellar gergely part because turtle retrospectively mend towards a anxious animal. well-off, wooden cross

Natan landa says:

Amzing song duo perfect!!!🙉🙊💖💖💖💖💖

C breezy fun says:

The internet broken of Selena and him performing together 😒❤️

SuperBollywoodboy says:

This was a collaboration made in heaven. The vocals are perfect. The live performance was on point. Ariana looked flawless. This is what a collab should be. I got goosebumps.

Anya says:

i literally cant stop replaying this

Karina Meza silva says:

El que pone mano abajo de este video realmente esta enfermo jajajajaja tremendo tema y tremenda presentación.

Josie Young says:

Love this song

The dark Knight says:

I can't with the fact she's carrying this whole song

Almiro Morais junior says:

She looks more mature in this performance and sings differently. Just loved it!

Michael Dodds says:

2:20 Are we just gonna ignore that just happened

Christopher says:

Yours Truly 2013 and Positions 2020 hairstyle = almost similar
My Everything 2014 and Save Your Tears 2021 hairstyle = very similar

They're very similar just soooo much more elegant.

She's subtly telling us she's started a totally new life and has returned to her past happiness. Just as before every major headlines and disasters caused her to suffer so much.

For the first time again, she's very safe and sound. As happy as a teenager, as mature as a true woman.

Jessyka Melin says:

My video have a much quality

Tuna Çevik says:

Harbi guzel

Ángel Peralta says:

Joder que bien canta Ariana grande

Edward 03 says:

right now i love you, really

Shaaya says:

Abel is mesmerized by her!!!!

alice loasses says:

Meraviglia,stupendi li amo,it


The fact that this has more views than the original one is hilarious. 🤣😂🤣😂

madziaboo says:

I love Ariana's vocal🖤

Thapedi Mash says:

I loved it…wow🤭🌟❤🥂

Selina Maria says:

Queen 😍💜
Love these 2 together, always delivering killer performances

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