Save Your Tears – The Weeknd (Boyce Avenue acoustic cover) on Spotify & Apple

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Boyce Avenue acoustic cover of “Save Your Tears” by The Weeknd
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Boyce Avenue:
Alejandro Manzano (Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Piano):
Fabian Manzano (Background Vocals, Electric Guitar):
Daniel Manzano (Background Vocals, Bass, Percussion):

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Alejandro Manzano of Boyce Avenue performing an acoustic cover of “Save Your Tears” by The Weeknd #saveyourtears #theweeknd #cover #boyceavenue #theweekend #acoustic #acousticcover #coversongs #acousticsongs #coversong

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Acoustic Guitar Tuning: Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb

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Audio & Video Produced by Boyce Avenue
Engineered, Mixed & Mastered by Adam Barber
Directed by Alejandro Manzano & Adam Barber
Filmed, Edited & Colored by Adam Barber
Additional Filming by Fabian Manzano
Video Assistant: Raekeem Fairley
Filmed at 3 Peace Studios in Sarasota, Florida
Originally Performed by The Weeknd

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Boyce Avenue says:

You can now listen to our Acoustic Covers playlist on Spotify & Apple:

Pavel Vic says:


Gabriel Almeida says:

Parece que a maioria dos fãs dele são brasileiros

Chi & Mya says:

Beautiful 🤩

Cicero Santos says:

Please make In Your Eyes too! Thank's Boyce.

Andressa Rosário says:

Aaaaaa amoooooooooo🇧🇷🇧🇷

Hector Producer says:

Why so many Brazilians? 😮

Pamzwhut?! says:

I literally searched for the acoustic version before heading to sleep. Ain't disappointed.

Megan Conley says:

I recently fell in love with the remix by the weeknd and ariana grande and then watched your cover… i love this as much as the remix. 🙂 <3

Amir Higher says:

Really good music! Keep it up!

Álvaro Aragonés says:


shakeh georgian says:

Beautifuly done, bravo!!👏🏻👏🏻

Elcio Vieira says:

I like ❤️

Princes Mona Fandey JomJom Manjalita says:

i wish he was my BF ❤️💙❤️

Nitin Singh says:

Fantastic cover man
Truly impeccable 😅

Rafał Cyganek says:

Beginning of this song.. I Heard this part somewhere in another song

Joshua says:

Bruh you made me smile

Gelai Pacpaco says:


Anand Masih says:

Bro, what the heck did you do at 0:04? 😳
Edit: only a musician can understand what happened at the beginning! 🤔

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