save your tears (remix) – the weeknd & ariana grande (slowed n reverb)

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⁺˚*・༓☾ met you once under a pisces moon
i kept my distance cause i know that you
don’t like when im with nobody else ☽༓・*˚⁺

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Tomazy25 says:


vanshika andriyas says:

the fact that i can actually hear the whistle notes here much better than in the original where they seem hidden~~~

Cammyツ says:

i love the slow of: ah ah ah aha ahahahahahahah XD

Cammyツ says:

save your tears for another day 737 <33

dane saintine says:

2:12 omggg this part >>>

Preda David says:


Preda David says:


Arianna Iribarren says:

this is so amazing <3

madeliiine says:


Ethan Boyd says:

1:04 to 1:06 this part of the song should be the ending of the original song as well as it would off closed off the song so much better

Isaac says:

The only way to describe that whistle note is ethereal

Azaria Mailo says:

so no one gon give credit to the pink lion unicorn thingy in the back? it looks like it’s tryna run to the woman…

KJFirefox says:

I ❤ this calming vibe

mryaanna says:

im gonna save my tears even tho i kinda think i hummilated myself in my class around few minutes ago..cuz i know that im gonna be one of the prettiest girl ever and one of the brilliant women as well..REPLY MY COMMENTS BY STARTING THE WORD *im gonna save my tears…

lilmama ari says:

save your tears – The Weeknd male version & Female version

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