Sabrina Carpenter's 'Skin' Is No Drama Music

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James connects with Sabrina Carpenter, who had her Broadway debut put on hold after “Mean Girls” was shut down after two shows with her as the lead, and asks her to weigh in on the controversy around her hit song “Skin.”

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Hasangi Chandrasena says:

LOL she wanted to create drama so bad and now she's tryna act all innocent

phoebe says:

She's handled the situation like the queen that she is. Olivia is such a queen too and just remember :

They're 21 and 17! and so mature for it! says:

Incredible Work 👍

Safa Jehangir says:

She doesn't deserve all this hate she's getting. It's sad how people just have to point out things that aren't even there. Sabrina is a talented singer in her own right who wrote skin ok the basis of what she was feeling. Olivia is also a talented singer in her own right who wrote drivers license in light of Joshua. That's it. There's nothing more to it. Stop making both songs things they aren't

Margarita and kids says:

Sabrina you're a liar. Clearly

Jaydah Johnson says:

why didnt you talk to her about the "blonde girl" verse?? she kinda stuttered…

Belle Lajoie says:

we're just gonna drive past james laugh 2:32

maraiam khan says:

uh huh maybe blonde was the only line

Abi F. says:

Hollaback has more of a meaning. "I aint no hollaback girl I aint no hollaback girl" it makes sense. Dont mind me im just saying something in a random comment section..

Ruth Tekeste says:

Like bro fans stared this drama between Sabrina,Olivia,Joshua

Vega Yuana says:

now controversy doesn't sound like a word anymore

Lori Mandle says:

She’s always been considered as a celebrity who stays clear of the drama. This is more new territory for Sabrina and that’s why ‘skirting around the controversy’ is exactly what she’d want in this scenario, which she does beautifully. Until we get the guy’s powerful song on what was going on on his end (which we won’t because the guys don’t get asked about these things since we’re after drama and a conclusion will end this media storm) I’m on Sabrina’s side in the whole affair

Lela A says:

Well you all people haters your people like to talk shit that’s the point you fancy or not fans or all the monsters😡 I love you Sabrina Capenter’s 💜💜 it’s not our business they are fighting You people started the drama and hate and you are twist her words to haters there’s a garbage right there in the door for you guys

tuffstufforeo says:

love sabrina, but can we just admit that a part of this song may have been inspired by olivia rodrigos line “blonde girl”

jose ferreccio says:

We want harold or niall or louis or liam or zaynnnn

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