Sabrina Carpenter DODGES question about Olivia Rodrigo & Joshua Bassett + REVEALS THIS about "Skin"

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Did Sabrina Carpenter just confirm who her song “Skin” is really about?

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Bryce Hall and Josh Richards DRAMA after Sway House BREAKUP + Josh REVEALS if they are still friends –

The Genius Youtube channel posted a video of Joshua Bassett explaining the meaning behind “Lie Lie Lie.” Joshua started the video telling fans about the friend that was lying behind his back that caused him to write “Lie Lie Lie.” He also went on to talk about the theories and rumors surrounding who the song could be about. Joshua didn’t give us exactly what we all wanted, but did Sabrina spill the tea with On Air With Ryan Seacrest? Ryan savagely asked Sabrina flat out what we’ve all been dying to know in regards to her song “Skin.”

0:00 – Intro w/ Kelsey MacDonald
0:25 – Joshua Bassett explains “”Lie Lie Lie”” in interview with Genius
1:19 – Joshua Bassett reacts to fan theories
2:24 – Sabrina Carpenter gets asked if “”Skin”” is reaction to “”Drivers License””
3:06 – Sabrina Carpenter reveals when she wrote “”Skin””
3:34 – Olivia Rodrigo interview with Paper Magazine

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Sabrina Carpenter DODGES question about Olivia Rodrigo & Joshua Bassett + REVEALS THIS about “Skin”


AwesomenessTV Daily Report says:

i'm sCREAMING. WHat do you think of this triangle?!!

Isabella Martinez says:

they used to be good freinds

Kevin Nguyen says:

So Olivia didn't learn anything from High School Musical a decade ago? Look at Zac and Vanessa.

vivian garza says:


:D says:

It’ll be funny if Sabrina and Olivia just Ran away together

Prachi Jadhav says:

It's ridiculous how drama channels are still obsessed with this drama.. like they dont have any other better content.. and the amount of videos though.. the drama has already calmed down and people are supporting both of them equally.. uet some people are still obsessed.. and it's kind of weird..

Daniella Lopez says:

I don’t get why they just don’t confess! I mean it’s super OBVIOUS!
And it’s start to get annoying 🙄
It’s just so childish. Olivia and Joshua are basically adults, yet they act like this.
In my opinion… I guess.

A L says:

lets be honest, she would’ve flat out said no so that she would stop getting all these hate comments if her song truley wasn’t about olivia

Raven L. says:

man just leave these kids alone 😭

Chad Games says:

1 million views
Chile 💀

Eunice Pimienta says:

But then again if they don’t want to state anything then it’s up to them and we gotta respect that

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