s l o w e d // runaway – aurora

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a cute version.


Raaj Champia says:


Raaj Champia says:

Love U ❤…. Om Namay Shivay….

Status Videos❤️ says:

Nobody know's..🖤

Lona Ibrahem says:


Giuseppe Mele says:

THIS Song Is very very beauty about in slowed

Andry Kurniawan says:

0:57 best part to me٩( ᐛ )و

Yunus Durmuş says:

Perfect song! Who knows how many times did I watch/listen to the IG user named @janis_danner’s reels video in the link and came here to listen to this awesome song. “…Nobody knows, nobody knows…”

Sophia Rizzi Ferreira says:

daughter – mother?

Mom – yes?

daughter – why does God have to take the best people?

Mom – look, if you were in a garden, which flower would you pick?

daughter – the best one…

(credits to tiktok and the person who created the sentence)

•ChcolateBunn• says:

No take me to turkey….…

GalaxyPurple says:

Put your speaker in ur mouth trust me =°}

tha noodle furreh says:

This+rengoku's death made me cry

Jonathan Tinio says:

This makes me feel like speaking Aussie

Chesar Ramadhan says:

so relaxing😢😢

Chesar Ramadhan says:

so relaxing😢😢

Precious leira Robles says:

So relaxing :))))

lovehurts says:

if u are here in 2022 what is it like?

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