Rod Wave's ABCs

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2020 XXL Freshman Rod Wave gives the story behind his rap name, his signature ad-lib, the word his mother and lady use to describe him and more in his version of the ABCs.

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XXL says:

What's the funniest letter Rod Wave shares in his ABCs?

ʙᴀʙʏ ᴏɴ ʙᴀʙʏ ᴏɴ ʙᴀʙʏ says:

im suprised he didnt say "popeyes" for "p"

h3ntai_ says:

Surprised how he didn’t say burger for the letter B

Jaden Winfield says:

When it came to the letter f he said fxck you but I think he meant to say food

YaboiCJis the name says:

I honestly thought F was going to be food

D E D E says:

I thought for D he was gone say dejah😭

Racheal Johnson says:

c for chicken d for donuts e for eat

ICY MiKkI says:

Y’all still making fat jokes like it’s played out asf just stop ✋🏾❗️❗️

Truly Tay v says:

F = Food ..

dominique silvas says:

I like your music ❤️

Nhlamulo Mathebula says:

C for chicken

Noah Thiele says:

Bruh how did f not stand for food

Angelica de Gonzalez says:

Rod wave looks like a body guard

Angelica de Gonzalez says:

Rod wave looks like a body gourd

india terrell says:

I love you rod wave🤩💕I listen to you every day my favorite song right now is heartbreak hotel

Camden Neargarder says:

Just in case for people that are def

Kaden Graham says:

He know he wanted to say macdonald for m

YouBeeAyWhy says:

I roll wit him 🤟🤘

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