Rod wave – tombstone { slowed + reverb }

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Spencer Lee says:

This videos gonna blow up I’m calling it right now

serkieboy says:

my chihuahua helps us so much more than our dogo argentino…. 💀


Yo, this is fireeeeeeeee, congrats bro<3

hunter says:

at a very young age I’ve finally understood, life’s not fair. But you gotta keep trotting because things change.

Tlholohelo Semonyo says:

Listening to this at 3am hits hard

water says:

1:28 is the saddest part

Tonya Mosley says:

I gotta keep duh family fed 🤞🏾

Nico Benjaminuf says:


Sasha * says:

Play this song at my funeral 🙌🏽🥳

Jasir Maxwell says:

This to fire

Heartless💔 says:

My fav part is 0:233:36

Blue Antonio says:

People giving number like i fw the whole song

swishaboi Martinez says:


Excuse My Beauty says:


Excuse My Beauty says:


Excuse My Beauty says:


Breyana Bell says:

This is just right 🥺

Davion Helms says:

I made a playlist for this just so I could put it on replay

luh keno says:

Put it in 1.25x

MGbeats G says:

“I keep my gun tucked in draws “

cayla henry says:

this really hurts like damn

slatt says:

Hey isos is it okay if I shout out you're content on my tik tok even though I only have like 70 followers? I really want you to hit 1k!

slatt says:

1:28 Just feels soooooooooo holy

Ella🐸🐍 says:

why dope tho

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