Rod Wave – Street Runner (Future Bass Remix)

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Rod Wave – Street Runner (Future Bass Remix)

In this video, I made Rod Wave – Street Runner a future bass bop! This video took hours make, so if you would, please subscribe. Only about 13% of people who watch my videos are actually subscribed so if you enjoyed this video, why not subscribe! Its free and isn’t permanent


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Not Rod Wave – Street Runner or Rod Wave music or any other song like that. This is Rod Wave – Street Runner future bass remix / rod wave remix / street runner remix / remix


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Josh Marriott says:

To explain why i didnt use rod waves voice is because i really liked how the other voice sounded and it fit well with future bass. Since the voice isnt said specifically, i still called it a rod wave remix. Hope that clears things 🙂

Hannah Marriott says:

pin this if u love ur fans 😤💯💯

Hannah Marriott says:

fire buddy 💯🔥🔥🔥

Sqertify says:

Next NCS

(But Better)

Kanye southeast says:

Great work as always, it’s squid btw.


yoo you just earned yourself a new suscriber

Magic says:

Woah, this sounds great!

TudBoatTed says:

Haven't heard the original, but this sounds real cool!

Lance Canlas says:

I Loved that voice aswell! Well done 💯

I.D. says:

Why am i listening to this on repeat. Crazy work g.

gadich army says:

polina gang attck

Josh Marriott says:

I hope you all enjoyed! I really love making these videos for you guys 🙂

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