Rod Wave – Rags2Riches 2 ft Lil Baby (Official Music Video) REACTION!!!

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My reaction to

Full ORIGINAL video Rod Wave – Rags2Riches 2 ft Lil Baby (Official Music Video)


Lil Uzi Vert Vault says:

The beat do be goin hard 1:25


2:10 is pure joy lmaoo

sam martinez says:

which one rod wave

Jerry says:

We had to smash some niggas

LA High Life says:

How am I just finding you?!?! Good content bro, keep it up!

Alfredo Almanza says:

He sipin on some kool-aid

SMXSH Z says:

bro this shi hitting hard rod wave got vocals and lil baby killed his verse

OhStamps says:

rod wave look like he could be snors brother if snor took up rappin lmao

Fade says:

How high is the man!!😂😂

NSU x Siya says:

Yhu needa green screen

no smoke says:

Lil baby "i had blue hearts at first then i had to turn them black

Walker Gilbert says:

you look like a walmart rod wave😂


42 dugg is signed under both CMG & 4PF

gunner griffin says:

wild child by noodah05 ft lil baby. wont be disappointed

Daniel Fleming says:

do FRFR rod wave

DJ Leatherwood says:

Piggy wiggly is a grocery store down south 😂😂

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