rIVerse Reacts: Don't Call Me Angel by Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, Lana Del Rey – M/V Reaction

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At first we weren’t sure about this trio but it totally worked and they all slayed! We are excited to see the film!

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Filmed by Leah Rifkin & Dustin Traballo
Intro & Episode Edited by Leah Rifkin

Equipment Provided by Scarlet Lens Productions

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rIVerseLive says:

Are you loving our intro song?!

Well for those who are wondering, it's actually our original song called "Rock Wit You" – You can check out the music video for it on the link below!!!


You can download our whole album on Spotify, iTunes, SoundCloud, etc! Just search rIVerse 😎

Thanks for Rockin Wit Us! The #IVLeague


Lana's part give me chills everytime

Stefan Snellgrove says:

I wish they would’ve performed it on stage like Nicki Jessie J and Ariana did Bang Bang or Christina Aguilera P!nk Mya and Lil Kim did Lady Marmalade in the 2000’s the 3 would’ve killed a performance with this song.

Larisa Chan says:

If singers are air
Then Lana is that soft breeze in a hot and sunny day❤️❤️

Ray Ranel Saraosos says:

Can you try to react britney spears? Hehehehe

View Veo says:

OMG love Lana!

dennis tolbert says:

“Ariana grande could get it girl”


I’m literally crying.

Ariana Grande Mongolian Lovers says:

y are u hate ari???

Sakura Sai says:

Lana is actually insane for this. The way she ATE.

French Frie says:

That movie did not deserve that soundtrack because the soundtrack for that movie is phenomenal and the movie was not.

Jay Cee says:

Sorry but I cannot choose who is my Bias wrecker out here? I think its Monroe…. but I love everyone so much…. I dunno…..

SeverusSnape says:

It was Ariana’s idea to sing that song. I mean she wrote it (she wrote all hits) and then she was like ,,i want to sing that with miley and Lana’’

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