Rick Ross Gets Possessed After Singing Migos Straightening

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cedric george says:

He's acting like a low level bot repeating the same phrase, He's there for imaging purposes looks like. Most of your entertainers are PRODUCSTS not HUMANS

Big Slimm says:

He wasn't possessed. He was rollin off a pill 🤣

Rey El says:

Dat man ain't posses! Dats just how fla niggas be muggin in the club when dey on dem beans😂

Kingdom Mindset says:

All your celebrity rappers are demon possessed. Doing in & everything w/every1 all they speak is death. Don't have any other choice sold that soul & everything else to Lucy aka massa. They are bought & paid for GET ALONG GO ALONG GANG. Tools/Puppets to keep the everyday normal people SLEEP & in a DOCILE state of mind. For these to be the rich people of the world they act like they not use to anything.

Donald Lewis says:

That boy in there I need some frfr

Entrepreneur City says:

Teeth so beautiful 😍

R R says:

Brand New Clone Body🤔🤔🤔🤔☠

Tre says:

Boy them ecst pills hitting tf outta him

curtindo muito says:

Roos boss🤘

David Cooper says:

First time I seen his eyes open

C- Maine says:

I’m nervous

Dice Mega says:

Rozay was probably drunk feeling himself that's all 💯

Damarcus Adams says:

Caption, Reaching a lil bit

Lamar King215 says:

Nigga found a old X pill wit no Fet in it;

poet forte says:

too much liquor

Selfmade DC says:

He just being funny

sekou waylee says:

The man is just high not possessed by anything but drugs

Darren Kelly Jr. says:

Coke cane is a hell of a drug🤣🤣🤣

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