Rick Ross Ft. Drake – Aston Martin Music (Behind The Scenes)

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K S says:

Who is the female singer in this song?

Shravan Paul says:

Throw out all those girls .. we got the HIP HOP star @4:40 . That booty deserves a V8

Jessica Padilla says:

What is the exact model of am they used?

Zeke Ahmaud says:

All this fat Ass and bad women in this video. Even the make up artist chick OMG Daaamn!!!

Sharif Eady says:

Who is the girl in the car at 2:30 with him???

troy evans says:

@438 all I can say is god damn she got a great future behind her

jo8854 says:

That i the baddest girl ive seen in my life!

Mohammed Al Ameri says:

Gil Green is high as fuck 😉

lemonadeoceangang says:

rozay smokin that mosquito leg joint lmao

Alejandro Martinez says:

drake wanted to see that ass but then ross said his name hahaha

resinmic says:

Drake so fine -333!!!!

Darren Campbell says:

4:44 nice booty

Tropicana S3BEE says:

I bet he got all the amount of hair he got on his face, the same amount of hair he got all up in his crotch area…got dick with all em pubes around…YUCK

Jon S says:

that broad in his car is so hot

wyzpropane says:

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Regi Tex says:

♥ Me Some Drake

Coach B Will says:

Sexy vid …good job Gil Green with the directing

Samantina Zenon says:

Chrisette is funny love her LMAO

Dreas Beats says:

Yo i got some beats i produced up leme know if u fellin em!

Adi says:

@swisherman84 i know i just realized lmao

Emanuel Wells says:

Shawty doin Drake's makeup had a FAT ASS!!!

D-MAN Escobar says:

Fukkin sick…. Dman escobar dot com

justinbird14 says:

Rick Ross Got a Sextape…Ewww hah


bitch is pissin me off lol

Samson111 says:


The Life of Taneea says:

Just me & my boss. . . no worries at all =)

Mitch Haitian Boy .HAITIAN BOY says:

that what up much love to all my haitian in 305 boss


3;31 mark..that nigga crazy


rick ross fucked her..

Black Trap Goku says:

I been seen the video..Yall shoulda been dropped the shit homie..
But to be honest after seeing the video..It ain't all that Great..Thought it would be better..

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