Renegades React to… Epic Rap Battles of History – Mother Teresa vs. Sigmund Freud

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Epic Rap Battles of History – Mother Teresa vs. Sigmund Freud:

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immortalslayer90 says:

Mother Theresa slayed in this one.

Kenneth Anderson says:

Round 1: Sigmund Freud
Round 2: Mother Teresa
Mother Teresa wins.
How are you gonna be like "Ohp time's up."?

B says:

Backwards hat guy was clueless with everything they said. He just laughed when he thought a Crack had been made even though he had no clue what it was

Freakshow Theatre says:

Shorty is adorable

Mickey Thomas says:

Which ERB did you actually watch because he ate her alive spit her out then buried her then lit her grave on fire

Stan Hogenelst says:

For the people who stuck around for the post-battle discussion:

Aspergers doesn't exist anymore as a diagnosis. It was literally scratch for a lack of scientific evidence and a to strong varience of the actual symptoms.

(some people still associate with aspergers, but officially you can no longer be diagnosed with aspergers and for VERY GOOD REASONS)

In all honesty ever allowing people to be diagnosed with aspergers was a mistake.

Why in the world am I allowed such a long username says:

"she torched him" He disintegrated her.

Jacob Rengen says:

Fun Fact: Mother Teresa was canonized as a Saint by the Catholic Church in 2018

The Baby Seal Studios says:

The fact That just ending the battle You have to defend Teresa from things that have allready been proven and dissed Freud as a Pioneer in a new field of study… and also mislabled that the criticism that where particular to her were for the church demonstrated that Freud absolutly dominated

Bradon Young says:

Or your bound to regret if you only focus on Shorty. If you get this good job you win nothing.

Ray J says:

"Where are my testicles Summer? They were removed. Where have they gone?" ~Snowball, Rick and Morty

TheBicycleRepairman2 says:

I feel like you guys where way out of your depth with this one. You didnt get any of the references. This was actually one of the most intelligent raps of this season.

chris clements says:

The only saving grace about MT is that she was a puppet of the church, so the fact she herself was a victim makes her alittle less of a horrid human being. You should watch "Hell's Angel" by Christopher Hitchens where he breaks down who she was and what she did. The Church hired him to play devil's advocate and to this day they have never refuted what he says. She baptized dying people against their will, took money from Bernie Madoff and after he got busted and she was asked to return the money to the investors he swindled she claimed it was gone. She also wrote a ton of letters about the fact she had lost faith and no longer believed, but continued to shove sick and dying poor people into barren rooms to die on cots and didn't have the nuns wash the needles they were using on the victims. Fuck Agnes

President Snow says:

i hate when they miss a lot of the punchlines.

Joelancon says:

I find people who criticise Mother Theresa for her poor conditions for her charity work and money abuses, which were probably given to the Church, do almost no charity work themselves. Now thats hypocrisy.

Bogdan-Cristian Timofte says:

I'm sick of seeing stupid people saying: "Freud won no matter what you say" , "more reaction channels who don't get the savagery of Freud's bars" etc..
Those who react have a subjective view and they chose who won or didn't. You don't have the right to judge them for it you morons. It's their subjective opinion.

Maxx Nieves says:

Sigmund bodied her, her hardest shot was about him focusing on sex but he fully dragged her for being fake, stealing money, letting people die horribly and being a hypocrite. Like dang, she needed to come harder lol.

SeanIsCool - Crush says:

You really have to censored the Dogs Ballsacks HaHaHa

Deadralord777 says:

I think the mum thing is like a generalisation. ofc there are some men who are attracted to their mothers or people like their mothers but the gist of his theory is that of when males search for a proper life partner, they subconsciously check if they have qualities that their mother had whether that be emotionally, physically or even psychologically. Even some studies are proven scent as well. This is not case for everyone but it’s more common than you think. It’s a strange concept but it makes sense if you want to spend your life and have children with a person then who better then someone who reminds you of the woman who raised you, and in some cases, did a good job. It’s a rabbit hole.

Ashleigh says:

What kind of drugs is the dog takin

Questionable Content says:

Teresa won this battle in the second verse. Almost every rhyme she had was a good diss, meanwhile most of Freud' lines afterward felt like an attempt at a recovery

Kensword says:

These ppl in the comments assuming their correctness saying Freud won

gianluca martinello says:

Usually like your reactions but if you guys actually understood Freud’s lines (obviously didn’t) you’d probably think he won. Respect the opinion obviously but definitely don’t think Theresa came close to “torching him”

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