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Reactors reactions to 6IX9INE trolling everyone in his new video Gooba. This Mixed Reactions video features the reactions of various reactors to Tekashi69 pretty much embracing the name a lot of people have pretty much given him. By replacing his face with the face of an animated rat in his new song GOOBA. 6IX9INE new video Gooba did record breaking numbers on Youtube within hours of being uploaded, with everyone rushing to check it out.

Full 6IX9INE- GOOBA (Official Music Video) –

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Featured reactors
1 – 1:13- ImDontai –
2 – 2:08- LayedBakDFR –
3 – 2:26- TwinsthenewTrend –
4 – 2:54- No Life Shaq –
5 – 3:27- Brandon Rashad –
6 – 4:05- Holly and Sdot –
7 – 4:41- Nataya Nikita –
8 – 5:06- Icon & Kay –
9 – 5:40- ZMOOVEY –
10 – 6:21- InTheClutch Ent –
11 – 7:00- LiveNColor Tv –
12 – 7:48- FVO –
13 – 8:06- RT TV –

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Martin Molnár says:

Dontai best😂

Reba Rebaz says:


Lisa Killian says:

Tekashi can suck my pj mask but i can say he trolled us

Don Lou says:

Better them than you

Andi Hernandez says:

Bro he’s so rich he even has a Apple Watch in his knee

Nathe _Playz says:

And he said your bestie is d+++ sucker I think she meant About her gf who cheated with his crew members so that is why he snitched

Nathe _Playz says:

He snitched cuz his crew wasn't loyal to him one of his crew members actually was dating 69 gg so he snitched cuz he said I snitched cuz why do I got to be loyal

tommyZ _YTgaming says:

Your mad im back bigmac

austin szuda says:

Don’t worry Eminem will put him out of his career soon or later

Jewel Sanders says:

I love I am Dontai 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

huevos says:


Caroline Billiot says:

Snitch9 🤣

Nancy Caldwell says:

IDGAF! He's my hero!

Dr Cap Films says:

6:32 the guy on the right that was exactly my reaction when I saw it the first time 😂😂😂😂

jaysilver x says:

2:55 stop it get some help

Albert Feibstein says:

During these hard times you have to give it to tekashi for giving us a laugh and helping us get out of everyday life right now even if it's for just a moment

Marshall Jones says:

It's all fun and games until the ones you "rat-ed" on catch up wit' you

Urrutia 909 says:

A video reaction of 6ix9ine reaction… I didnt know I needed… 😁 Thanks… lol… 👍👍👍

Brandon Williams says:


Cristina Lopez says:

Everyone can talk shit about him,but they never stay on his shoes 🤫🤫🤫🤫

RMX dz says:

We are her from algeria 🇩🇿🌠💙

Samuel Lopez says:

Pinche loco

831 Farmeros says:


Francene Rodgers says:

Do da TROLLZ reaction

Kenny Michael Alanya says:

Everyone: 6ix9ine is the biggest 🐀 ever

Me an intellectual:

so we all gonna forget about Judas

dayark says:

Had over 40 million in one day and 5 million in 1 hour

Abdulrazig Ibrahim says:

He is the champion of the world he is a troll. He is claiming that he is a rat and taking it and turning the emoji rat int power what are you gona say now huh

Safet Huskic says:

JKbros is a another great reaction channel

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