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I don’t even know what to say fam. 6ix9ine is back and looks like be hasn’t learned a single thing from being in prison. Pray for him.

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I’m a fat, white YouTube rapper and damn proud of it. Welcome to the Crypt show.




Crypt you just earned alot more respect from me. I've watched many reactions channels that say they're true hiphopheads and all about lyrics body blah and jump on this bandwagon just cuz it's trending. Not crypt tho

MeeN MASTERP says:

Crypt always acting like the "famous" rap scene is filled with real gangstas… lmao. nobodies gonna do shit for 6ix9ine for ratting whole hip-hops scene full of pussy-punk-bitches. If they were real he woulda died as soon as word was out he was gonna rat for a deal.

Crypto says:

i skipped the 2,55 min add :((

Liam Kearney says:

Crypt sucks

Idk says:

The one person I don't mind having a RAID sponsorship

MR.opticNA1 Tm says:

You- re not a real raper If you dont react to 9ine6ix-taci. The Best raper in the world


I am Arabic and he said peace be upon u lmao what a dumb dumb

But he add lakasa

Leon Hughes says:

When I see a rapper bragging about his money and expensive items, I know the music is shit.

Leon Hughes says:

When 6ix9ine raps, he sounds like he's having a shit.

God says:

Can I just question how this got ad monitized?

Yahir Reyes says:

He got you some views so dont complain

Natalia Sanchez says:

More people need to sponsor crypt that rap was fire 🔥

JustModd says:

The red boss in the sponsor at the beginning. When it drops down it syncs with the rap and when it pushes the move away

ACEz ImAllexx says:

Hes good tbh if u was going to do life, u snitch too to save yourself everyone would. But he be fine…

Desirae Vaccaro says:

I came into this video not knowing anything about the singer. I've heard of him but this was my first time hearing him. I can't give an opinion yet lol

c-ops gamer girl says:

I should react to bebe by sixnine it's sick his voice is amazing

mr svendel says:

Im not a rapper and i coukd probably do the same as him

Chxnge - Topic says:

Oml, here we go with the daily play ground insults with 69, "ugly," and "Stoopid." Nice. Trust me, I'd destroy him just talking about his lyrics :/

Jayton O'Brien says:

Raid: sponsors
Crypt: intro rap
Me: insta like

Reads description: i don't go to church 69 isn't dead?

Yeet Boy says:

Words to live by “you still got some money but your fucking ugly, stupid” 🤣

Dallas Young says:

Imagine having the greatest sponsored rap of all time, keep killin it Crypt

Nikki Sharp says:


puia gamer says:

I pretty like this song 😀

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