Post Malone, Travis Scott – Lost On You (Official Video)

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Official Music Video by Post Malone, Travis Scott – Lost On You 2021

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Post Malone, Travis Scott – Lost On You (Official Video). © 2021 Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.
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Lemonade Music says:

Enjoy it! Comment, rate and check my channel ! Let me know your thoughts in comments!

Rue Bennett says:

It's true I have a lot of fans but I only wanted you. I would talk about my fans to you when you confused me. One minute I would think I have an invitation the next it's friendzone vibes all the way, super confusing. I guess it was my dream to have that Steph and Ayesha love. That love where you marry your best friend from high school. That spiritually connected love. If I wanted to just be married I could have been already. If I wanted someone for just looks or money I could have had that already. The reality is you know very little about me I never really opened up about the dark stuff I keep locked away. All this stuff I imagined is not real. I imagined you knew me in ways no one else did, it was crazy I know. The reality is you are married now. I can predict that the relationship will spiral from what you told me she is much younger and still in self-discovery. I mean we are all continually growing and discovering but there are levels to this. I'm on level ten she is level three and I guess if you can't see that you're at level three as well. That's why I left my ex- going from level three to ten takes years of life experience.

blue green says:


Marcos Chivari says:

What is this bullsh*t? bruh

macy santos says:

worldwide success for those who are reading this comment❤😍

B I L Y Y Y says:

Why travis scoot jump in a hole?¿ LETS GOOOOO DABABY

Jase N. TowerS says:

It was o. K … Right?

Ruth Miah 2021 says:


THz [THUND3Rz] says:


-- says:

The fact that some people are falling for this fake channel saying “Great collab” when the singers aren’t actually singing in the video is sad

Boba TheFett says:

According to Lemonade Music Post Malone wrote and released every other song that came out between 2018 and 2021

Kumshir Walling says:

This isn't posty , y'all dumb

Ana Carolina Santos Goncalves says:


amour yvette says:


Heather Oliva says:

Love endures ALL things….

Alchemist Vape Cabin says:

Ayyy hi guys!

Dust Love butterfly says:

Someone wants to talk?

giftyt123 says:

this is dope

Monic Mm2 says:


Siamboi kahi says:

Stop using artist's name to get views, have some gut to be original

Kristie Harris says:

I liked and loved you…you know what you have to do…I still like you and love but watch your mouth. If thia has to be a public relationship, than we both will refrain from talking to one another in a disrespectful manner, tone, words and timing. Its ok to keep it 100 without being abrasive. We won't get anywhere with that attitude. It takes two. Unless you like us feeling like this. Missing each other like crazy. This isn't obsession for us, its passion. You woke it up in me. I feel stuck to you in a good way. I pray that your resistance gets stronger…

Baleme Koita says:

Travis Yesss

Selekton HD says:

Where's Post and where is Travis hidding?
Just a cutted video with a random (actual good) song.

Rubí Vega Carreón says:

Love u ❤️ Post Malone

MekFil says:

Beautiful <3

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