Pop Smoke – Dior (Official Dance Video)

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soycum says:

Niggas just tryna get gas: NIGGA MOOOVVEE

/never-sandal-again/ says:

Only ny niggas can dance to these. Songs. Yall can dance to that ayo tayo typa shit

Mike Mbewe says:

That fat dude got pissed FR!😂😂Nigga wanted to kill the shiii! RIP pop smoke 💔#woo “we on our own”🐐

Alahna Wigfall says:

This …. isn’t dance …

puncho says:

special ed niggaz on da free time

Brandon Tayengwa says:

These guys dont know how to dance yoh..shoulda chech out ayo n teo or Jabba..they just jumpin up and down no sick moves come on we need more ..you wasted pop smoke track

Bryan DeAnda says:

this shit is so wack, mf’s just throwing their arms everywhere they think they doing something 😂😂😂

Pretty lil thang says:

This ain’t even dancing

EK says:

Dang sorry for saying this but yall suck at dancing

Polhi says:

Not even a woo walk. Disappointed

rongeurs blisky says:

Je suis devenu aveugle la manière dont c'est nulle

HilalDu667 says:

pk i saute partout comme ca frr le sol il est chaud ou quoi

Shakira Mcmillan says:

The one with the dark green cant dance


all the way waiting for the fattie

Homer Phillips says:

Rip smoke 💙💙💙💙💙

Tyeasha Winston says:

R.i.p pop smoke forever woo ❤️❤️

Kaykay Kaykay says:

Rippp smoke

King Pulse says:

Ya'll niggas can't even dance trying to be Ayo n Teo like I could beat eachone off you weak dancers

Ox says:

Is it just me or do they look like The Simpson’s?

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