Picture (Kid Rock & Sheryl Crow)

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Got bored, this song tells a love story. 🙂 Hope you enjoy it!

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Vickie Feuerhelm says:

My mommy went to the park with me with me and my teachers and Aubrey and Ashley and Aubrey Oakley

Golden Polarbear says:

Song makes me sad, my 9 year almost 10 ended back in June but still feels like yesterday to me. I know it was for the best….but it hurts.

Garrell Reitzel says:

Hits me hard.

Kittengirll 1 says:

Bring back memories in 2017 I think sad memories about my family we were driving and this song came on and my mom and dad were fighting and I was trying soo hard to not cry and that man that shit hurts

Julie Loftin says:

I absolutely Love this song. I just went through a break up within this last week. I just put away all of his pictures 3 days ago. OMG This song went straight to my heart. I still love him. We're just not good together. I'm taking back my ex husband. I hope I've made the right choice. This song I feel is so my life right now. Plus I love both Cheryl Crow & Kid Rock. I could listen to this song over & over again. 💔

le harrison says:

Then whatever dick Theater Jackson

le harrison says:

Did you see the sign up here there Garden Island

Anonymous says:

That's good singing

Antonio Duran says:

great song, but this reminds me of a time when i meet a beautiful girl on a trip and i fell in love at the moment and i wish i was with her rn😢😢

Gerardo Hernández says:

But… Are Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow who sing? Their voices sound so weird 🤔

poorna warnakulasooriya says:

I miss my akki. With whom I listened to these songs in my younger days

Genocide King says:

Me and baby cakes!!!

gina beth says:

Amazing song

Kassandra Duff says:

This song is my life we love u Kid Rock 💖💞

Stella Ercolani says:

Why is it okay for dudes to cheat? Answer: umm, crickets…

Angie Gonzales says:

I love this song it remains me of my ex.

Linda Medina says:

I loved the song, trying to memorize it.

SiGH says:

awesome song!

ian costanza says:

I love kid rock n cheryl… This song really strikes me

herb sinclair says:

My mom fav song and my mom died 😣😥😢😭

August Lewis says:

I was one but now I am 15 time passes

Hailey Hutchison says:

I love this song

nope n nesia says:

I love this songs since 12 year old

Bethanie Margeson says:

i like this song

Suman Shrestha says:

This song like
It's. Soooooo
My teenage ,memo😍😍

Stormy Whether says:

I put your picture away. SORRY!!!! I will never take it back out!

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