Phoenix Wright – One More Time | Daft Punk

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The Daft Punk Lawyers hit the courtrooms one more time. Daft Plush finally say goodbye.


(To the person on discord who provided me with the reverse sprites pls dm me so I can give you proper credit)

#DaftPunk #Epilogue


Chessete says:

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Wonderful Idiot says:

get lucky next?

Brais F says:

2:14 that part looks like a rhythm paradise minigame

ERRORcode 12 says:

Oxygen low and about to explode, well ain't that inconvenient.

KK_ImNotJesus says:

So im tge only one thinking Miles Wright looks fly af

killer Queen says:

One more vídeo

Jack Son says:

Godot is so goddam salty from the last video that he now lives only to try and hit Phoenix with a mug… just… one… more… time

Dende says:

Pheonix Edgeworth and Miles Wright scares me

Keighen Snavely says:

Edgeworth looks so good in blue I didn't realized they'd switched outfits until I saw Phoenix

Strenngth says:

Godot threw 26 cups

Rage 2000 says:

When a 2D character with like 4 animations dances better than you

Idriss Khaber says:

Vive la France

Dess says:

as a french person i feel personally attacked

Pessoa aleatória says:

When people say that man don't cry…
So what i am?

Do Not says:

If Animal Crossing Villager and Minecraft Steve can make it into smash so can Phoenix and Edgeworth

thevioletskull says:

Swaped outfits? Omg yes

Fabrizio Büttiner says:

DIO: kills Jonathan*
DIO after 100 years: 1:05

Gamer 0861 says:

Rock, Robot Rock

Kohmitos says:

oh crap i see wright's been training his mug catching abilities since last time!

ABurch13 says:

I want the edgeworth dancing gif so bad

Elchkeks FWF says:

What a great ending to my deepdive journey, wich began with a coldplay Mr. Crabs meme

sentry war says:

just found this video out of nowhere whY ARE THEIR HEADS SWAPPED WHAT

Below 0 Yt says:

One last time before its done

Wanderson Alves says:

I wanna listen one more time

Goodbye daft plushies 🙁

pomelo says:

I love these so much! Just watched all of them in a row

Hot Potato says:

Simply beautiful :’)

Phoenix Wright says:

I knew I should have worn a red suit all along……

YveltoX says:

Je me suis perdu sur youtube, mais je suis content !

I was lost on youtube, but I am happy !

(This message is comes from France)

Enzo Degraeve says:

0:50 j'ai l'impression qu'on se moque des Français ?

NumberBndl says:

Daft punk going away makes me so sad

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