Olivia Rodrigo – favorite crime (Lyrics)

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[Verse 1]
Know that I loved you so bad
I let you treat me like that
I was your willing accomplice, honey
And I watched as you fled the scene
Doe-eyed as you buried me
One heart broke, four hands bloody

The things I did
Just so I could call you mine
The things you did
Well, I hope I was your favorite crime

[Verse 2]
You used me as an alibi
I crossed my heart as you crossed the line
And I defended you to all my friends
And now every time a siren sounds
I wonder if you’re around
‘Cause you know that I’d do it all again

Oh, the things I did
Just so I could call you mine
The things you did
Well, I hope I was your favorite crime

It’s bittersweet to think about the damage that we’d do
‘Cause I was goin’ down, but I was doin’ it with you
Yeah, everything we broke and all the trouble that we made
But I say that I hate you with a smile on my face
Oh, look what we became

Oh, the things I did
Just so I could call you mine
Oh, the things you did
Well, I hope I was your favorite crime

Your favorite crime, your favorite crime
‘Cause, baby, you were mine

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Ariya says:

but was she his favourite crime bc she was a minor?

I will hit you with BLACKPINK lightstick says:

If she doesn’t get artist of the year istg 😩

G06 Sophia Kirsten Embalzado says:

sorry but the "the white as you buried me " is doe-eyed as you buried me

s malik says:

Popular opinion:it gave cold chills

adaa says:

1:34 hits different 🙁

Shawttyyyyyy_ says:

All the things i did just to call you mine 😭

🦈 says:

This song was made for Shanann Rzucek forreall 🥺

Stefa Dasha says:

The righteous color partially ski because forest intrahepatically label times a left cirrus. ready, mature oven

Kary Gagenoiu says:

My fav song ever

Misha Potter says:

"the things I did just to call u mine" damn girl…

Rainbow Unicorn says:

To Luis,

You are not mine to keep. The love you have for me was forbidden. More like a clandestine meeting in our fate. I have loved you the way I know, and you know that. I hope you will have many parasites (babies) in the future. Idk why you call babies as parasites but its funny. Just know that there is a place in my heart, a tiny space that belongs to you. And maybe someday, we may or may not meet…just remember even if i am miles away, i am always praying for your safety. I will always wonder how have you been. I hope you wouldn’t forget me.

In the future, when I am genuinely happy, contented, holding my parasite (baby) feeling joy and at peace, I will remember you.



Thank you so much, you helped me get through a rough breakup.


sheeeeshhhh Is this Rosé angel voice

Iffat Mim says:

Favorite one

Maria Ansey Angela Mata says:

This song hits me hard… personal reasons…

Angel Lorana says:

Me coming here after reading that wattpad book called "Dollhouse". LOL HAHAHAHAHAHAHA fits so freaking well.

𝐇𝐚𝐧𝐞𝐮𝐥 says:


Moonlightvibez says:

im deppresed now…..

tiara trillo says:

1:34 reminds me a lot to another song (kinda old) BUT I CAN'T REMEMBER THE NAME. Am I the only one??

Ashley Cando Velasco says:

Doesn't anyone think about what Jesus Christ did for us on the cross when she says "All the things i did to call you mine" :))

Isa Benders says:


Betty Cooper says:

This song keeps me calm✨☺

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